Programme Overview

Programme Structure

The diagram below sets out the HR and Payroll Transformation Programme's structure, showing how the three projects delivering the future HR and Payroll  and eRecruitment systems are supported by three cross-cutting workstreams. 

The programme's solutions are being informed by a Target Operating Model (TOM), represented by the 'outer layer' in the diagram. The TOM is configuring how future processes and technology in HR and Payroll will interrelate, answering bigger picture questions such as how the new HR, Payroll and eRecruitment systems will 'speak to each other'.


The Process Redesign Workstream is aiming to deliver simplifiied and harmonised HR processes .

The Data Refresh Workstream is striving to improve the quality and governance of HR data, reducing duplication and enabling quicker decision making.

The Continuous Service Improvement workstream is addressing quick wins that can be achieved now within the current HR system, to improve HR and Payroll services, using internal HR & Payroll resources.

Taken all together, the programme's projects, workstreams and target operating model will deliver on the programme's vision to create a strong HR & Payroll operations service, delivering an outstanding employee lifecycle experience.

Programme High-Level Timeline 

The HR and Payroll Programme is a multi-year programme of work. The timeline below gives a top-level view of the programme's stages.

HR Highlevel Timeline

Throughout 2022/23, the programme is reviewing existing processes, manual and operating procedures, to close the gap between written processes and operational realities. Working with Procurement in 2023/24, the programme will review the HR, Payroll and eRecruitment technological solutions that are availabe on the market and select the best supplier to design and build the future HR and Payroll system, in line with the School's Procurement criteria.

In 2024/25, the new system will gradually be rolled-out and implemented in a controlled and concerted way, for a smooth transition. Throughout 2025, implementation reviews will be held to thoroughly embed the new system and identify any re-works.  

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