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LSE Education Career Track Network

The Eden Centre hosts an informal Education Career Track Network (ECTN) for academics on the Education Career Track and in education-focused roles. It is an opportunity to join like-minded colleagues from different departments and disciplines at the LSE to share insights and experiences of teaching in an interdisciplinary social science environment. It meets once a term. 

If you would like to attend the next ECTN meeting or join our mailing list, please email




Creative Pedagogies Community of Practice


The purpose of the creative pedagogies community of practice is to bring together colleagues interested in: 

  • arts-based pedagogies (e.g. use of image, both still and moving; poetry and creative writing; theatre and improvisations) 

  • simulations 

  • object-based learning 

  • game-based learning. 

To support the development of new projects in these areas and to facilitate practice-sharing across the School, we have created a Teams site. Through this site we can share resources, ideas, and funding opportunities. We can also promote relevant workshops/seminars/conferences being held within the School and across the sector. 

If you would like to join this community of practice, please email either Jenni Carr ( or Alex Spiers ( 

Academic Mentoring Portal

Academic mentoring is an int­­egral part of education at LSE and critical to building an inclusive scholarly community at the School for everyone.

You can access our Academic Mentoring Portal here.

Creative Pedagogies LT Meeting - Practice exchange

At this meeting we will share details about two new projects.
The LSE Fringe Festival is an initiative designed to support students and staff who would like to use creative methods to communicate about research. It is part of LSE Festivaland LSE Student Futures. 

These workshops will run between Monday 28th March and Friday 1st April. The aim is to provide participants with sufficient knowledge, understanding and resources to work independently as individuals or in small groups to create an artefact or performance that will be exhibited/performed as part of LSE Festival. 

LSE Congress is a School-wide simulation project that will run across the 2022-23 academic year and culminate in an all-day simulation in ST. All departments will be able to take part in the simulation.

To find out more about these projects and how you can be involved, please book a place via the TDS.

There will also be an opportunity during the meeting to share practice relating to any projects you are involved with and to ask the community for advice and support.




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