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I liked the idea to use a wider range of my voice. The idea that voice is something physical, an instrument, that we can 'travel with the story'. The fact that I can show all of me, instead of just staying in my comfort zone

Dr Ellen Holtmaat, Fellow - Department of International Relations, LSE


This term, MT 2021, we will be running sessions online in Zoom. We run two kinds of voice-coaching sessions: masterclasses (two-hour long group sessions with eight to 12 participants) and one-to-one sessions (under an hour with the session tailored to your unique requirements). The sessions are led by experienced voice coaches, Stewart Theobald and Sue Henry. Stewart’s and Sue’s profiles are available at the bottom of this page.

Communication and presentation skills with Stewart Theobald

Our communications and presentation skills sessions have always been popular with academics. These sessions will be tailored to meet your needs, whether that’s teaching in a lecture theatre, live online, pre-recorded lectures or preparing for a challenging meeting or interview.  

These are generally just under an hour long and are an opportunity to work one-to-one with an external voice and communications coach in a session tailored to your unique requirements. In advance of the session, the coach will contact you to identify which particular areas you wish to work on so that he can tailor the session to your needs.

The performance element of teaching: voice and delivery skills masterclass with Stewart Theobald

Stewart Theobald has several years’ experience working with public sector professionals and academics in universities such as Imperial and Cambridge. Stewart’s masterclasses focus on engaging small and large audiences in both face-to-face and online lectures, classes, or seminars. Some of the areas covered are: techniques for live and online teaching, preparing to present at your best, engaging an audience emotionally and intellectually; analysing your audience and setting objectives; handling nerves; using visual aids effectively; and the impact of mindset, body language, and voice on you and your audience. 

Communication and presentation skills for teaching: One-to-one with Sue Henry

This session will focus on developing your communication and presentation skills when you’re teaching in the classroom or online.The session is generally just under an hour long and is an opportunity to work one-to-one with a voice coach in a session tailored to your unique requirements. In advance of the session, the voice coach will contact you to identify which areas you wish to work on so that they can tailor the session to your needs.

Discover and use your authentic voice: voice-coaching masterclass with Sue Henry

In groups of eight, participants work though the basics - voice, posture, body language, presence, etc. – while being guided through a range of exercises and activities. The voice coach will also cover interacting with online audiences, talking to camera, communicating when wearing masks and other aspects of online teaching. The masterclasses are group sessions that are two hours long, and provide you with the opportunity to try out and practise new techniques, learn from your peers, and get feedback on your progress.

Dates for 2021-22 (click on session type for booking link):

Stewart Theobald

08/10/2021 One-to-one and Masterclass 

24/11/2021 One-to-one and Masterclass 

Sue Henry 

25/10/2021 One-to-one and Masterclass 

12/11/2021 One-to-one and Masterclass 

01/02/2022 One-to-one and Masterclass 

03/03/2022 One-to-one and Masterclass 

20/05/2022 One-to-one and Masterclass 



About Stewart Theobald

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Sue Henry

About Sue Henry

Sue is a voice and authentic expression coach and has specialized in working with lecturers, staff, and students in the academic sector for over 20 years and at LSE for the past 8 years. In this masterclass she looks at the impact of uncertainty or stress on our ability to communicate online and how to channel nervous energy into effective expression with body language, gesture and voice. Sue explains some of the simple technical aspects of camera performance and how to make the most of the intimacy it offers. Using mindful practices and vocal techniques participants will explore how to come into the room more fully, make their connections meaningful and productive and hold their audience even if they are on opposite sides of the planet. Sue is known for her friendly, informal yet thorough approach and believes that to be effective as a speaker you need to be authentic, "you but more you" or, as Oscar Wilde whom she is fond of quoting said; “Be yourself, everybody else is already taken”. There will be an opportunity for Q and A so please bring any questions you have about your voice and presence on screen or in person to the session.