Voice Coaching

Voice Coaching for academics has never been more popular and, with the increase in importance of student satisfaction feedback and the need for universities to build their reputation as leading institutions in teaching as well as in research, the demand continues to grow. The Eden Centre is delighted to offer an expanded range of opportunities for academic colleagues to develop their presentation and communication skills. In addition to our existing One-to-One Voice Coaching slots we will also be offering a series of Public Speaking Masterclasses.

One-on-one sessions

We currently work with two experienced voice coaches: Susan Henry and Stewart Theobald. Their sessions are 50-55 minutes in duration.

In advance of the session, the voice coach will contact you to identify which particular areas you wish to work on so that they can tailor the session to your needs.

To book a one-to-one Voice Coaching slot, please email eden.atlas@lse.ac.uk, and we will liaise with you to arrange a convenient slot.

All communication is held strictly confidentially.

Voice Coaching Masterclasses

Susan Henry is also running several ‘Public Speaking Masterclass’ workshops. These two-hour sessions focus on the development of presentation skills.
Areas covered in Public Speaking Masterclasses may include:

  • The impact of voice use and body language when speaking in public
  • Understanding the difference between voice use in a large lecture theatre and a small class
  • Developing presence and impact
  • How to really connect with your listeners
  • Speaking under pressure
  • Explore use of volume, pace and range
  • Develop an understanding about voice care
  • Discovering more about your authentic voice
  • Looking at use of pauses, pace and authority

To express an interest in one of these sessions, please email eden.atlas@lse.ac.uk