Academic Mentoring

Academic Mentoring at LSE is focussed on building scholarly partnerships based on shared purpose and understanding. Academic mentors are students’ first point of contact with the academic community and it is a positive and worthwhile relationship for both academics and students.  

The Academic Code sets out the expectations around academic mentoring. We have also as part of the Academic Mentoring Community of Practice developed further principles to enhance the academic mentoring relationship: 

Academic Mentoring Principles: 

The following are 5 key principles of Academic Mentoring which build on what is already in the Academic Code.  

These principles aim to facilitate a positive and valuable relationship between mentor and mentee: 

1. Naming an academic mentor: As per the Academic Code, all students should have a named academic mentor from their departments. 

2. Scheduling regular meetings and establishing good communication. While academic mentoring meetings can vary in length and frequency, mentors should meet with their mentees at least twice per term as set out in the Academic Code. The scheduling and maintaining of regular contacts enable both mentor and mentee to build and maintain a positive relationship. 

3. Establishing expectations for both staff and students: Academic mentoring is about empowerment and based on equal contribution to the relationship from both mentor and mentee.  

4. Ensuring that all academic mentors are made aware of available training and resources to maintain good and up-to-date practice. This is facilitated via the Academic Mentoring PortalEden Centre workshops and being involved with the Academic Mentors Community of Practice

5. Adapting and making use of available technology and resources from across the School

 If you would like to be part of our academic mentoring community of practice please do get in touch with Dr Akile Ahmet.