Anti Racism

Articulating an empowering anti-racist praxis for equity and justice in the classroom.

We deliver a variety of Atlas workshops. These are described below.

Anti-racism and education

Much of the focus of equality and diversity within higher education has been on increasing representation, rather than addressing the racial barriers that exist in higher education. This session will explore what anti-racism and anti-racist action looks like within UK higher education and discuss ways in which we can build the anti-racist classroom.

Whiteness in the academy

This session will explore different definitions of “whiteness” and examine how its multidimensional, complex and systemic nature manifests within different parts of HE. Through a critical analysis of academic spaces and the production of knowledge, the session will discuss what it means to decentre and challenge whiteness within a HE context and consider how, as teachers, we can implement this in our practice.

Diversity and higher education

In order for universities to move beyond hollow and sanitised diversity, they must centre the voices of black and minority ethnic scholars and students. In this session, I build upon the work of Sara Ahmed and Angela Davis who have both argued that diversity is not a synonym for justice

Inclusive curriculum

In recent years, with the expansion of the HE sector and greater student diversity, universities have attempted to adopt more inclusive learning and teaching practices. This session will explore what it means to create an inclusive curriculum which not only acknowledges and respects the diversity of the student body, but also enables all students to take part and engage fully with their learning experience. 

To see a list of dates for all upcoming workshops, please view the Atlas programme.

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