Curriculum Enhancement

Developing a curriculum that ‘centres’, rather than ‘others’

Curriculum enhancement aims to ensure teaching staff can apply the work and research from across the IEAP to improve inclusivity of their practice. This work encapsulates a variety of projects, as well as underpinning the broader importance of applicability and practice for all our work on inclusive education.

Some of the current work in curriculum enhancement includes:

The Inclusive Education Mapping Tool

To help departments and staff reflect on and enhance their current practice, we are piloting our Inclusive Education Mapping Tool. This is a reflective exercise which assists in assessing the current strengths and weakness, and build a path towards enhancing inclusive practice.

Here you can access a relevant exercise tool (via MS Forms)

Atlas Sessions

We run a series of Atlas sessions throughout the year for academic and professional staff which open up conversations about topics such as race, disability, and gender, and how we can ensure our practice is more informed by experiences of marginalisation.

Please check the Atlas session calendar for more details on past and upcoming sessions. 

Inclusive Education Action Plan Fellowships focussed on Decolonising

We recently launched our IEAP Fellowships focussed on Decolonising. The appointed fellows will develop projects exploring decolonising, education and inclusivity at LSE. This is part of building up a wider research base to inform future practice and ensuring curriculum enhancement is happening from the ground up. More details are avaialble here.