Inclusive Education Action Plan

Inclusive Education is teaching in ways that dismantle the dominant structures within higher education embedded in whiteness, able-bodied, elite and heteronormative culture.

Inclusive education at LSE is driven by the following values:

  • We see every student 
  • We respect identity and individuality 
  • We are all members of our scholarly community 
  • We actively listen to all voices 
  • We create principled learning spaces for students and staff to grow and learn in partnership 

An inclusive education at LSE is ambitious and innovative 

Ambition and innovation are central to the scope of LSE’s commitment to inclusive education. Aligned to institutional strategy, the university seeks to make systemic cultural change to develop an education that is informed by research and responsive to societal change. 

An inclusive education at LSE involves everyone 

LSE’s commitment to inclusive education is based on a collaborative partnership and a collective vision between all members of the LSE community and is reflected in connected strategic priorities.  

The Inclusive Education Action Plan (IEAP) is the School’s key strategic mechanism enabling School and its departments to deliver this change.

The IEAP identifies five areas of work to achieve this inclusive vision:

Academic Mentoring: building scholarly partnerships based on shared purpose and understanding.

Curriculum Enhancement (Diversifying and Decolonising): continuously developing a curriculum that centres, not others.

Inclusive Pedagogy:  fostering pedagogic approaches that dismantle the dominant power structures that exist in higher education.

Developing Higher Education Identities: accepting identity and supporting growth 

Anti-Racism: articulating an empowering anti-racist praxis for equity and justice in the classroom.

The IEAP will enable the School to unify and deliver on the attainment dimension of the Access and Participation Plan, the education strand of the Race Equity Framework and Theme A of Student Health and Wellbeing Framework, all of which are closely connected and interlinked.  

About the team

Dr Akile Ahmet, Head of Inclusive Education 

I am the head of inclusive education at the LSE and work across the School with departments on projects focussed on inclusive education such as decolonising and diversifying. I am currently leading the Anti-Racism and Ablism workshops in the Eden Centre which are focussed on building inclusive education into the structures of LSE. 

Sarah Garrone, Graduate Intern, Inclusive Education

I am the Inclusive Education Graduate Intern, currently completing a research project exploring student identity in higher education (HE) to support the LSE’s Inclusive Education Action Plan (IEAP). 

Using qualitative methods, the research aims to better understand lived experiences of HE at LSE. In contrast to most research in this space - often completed for monitoring and evaluation - it allows students to define their own experiences related to themes of identity, belonging, success, privilege and (dis)advantage.

The findings will be used as a basis for change in existing School services and taken-for-granted practices, as well as to inform creative resources to support students in navigating their time at the LSE. 

Kerry Vandersteen, Learning Technologist, Inclusive Education

My role is to support the implementation of the Inclusive Education Action Plan through various digital education initiatives which promote accessibility and inclusive pedagogy at the LSE.