Inclusive Pedagogy

Inclusive Pedagogies for social justice:  

The focus of inclusive pedagogies should not be on embedding students into a system which excludes them from the outset but rather on transforming and democratising our pedagogies. According to the literature, inclusive pedagogy in HE is discussed in the following ways: 

  • Inclusion as "appreciating difference"
  • Inclusion as "making difference visible"
  • Inclusion as "making difference invisible"
  • Inclusion as a way of "addressing the needs of diverse students"
  • Inclusion as "social justice"
  • Inclusion as the "democratisation of knowledge"

Digital Accessibility

We are working on various initiatives to support and train teaching staff in how to improve digital accessibility and wellbeing for their students and themselves as part of our implementation plan for inclusive education.

Current projects include developing an asynchronous Atlas Moodle course on Digital Accessibility and researching and signposting to a range of assistive technologies. 

Resources on Inclusive Pedagogies

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