Welcome to the Eden Centre

The Eden Centre, established in October 2019, is a pro-active, developmental centre of education expertise with a clear focus on academic staff development, curriculum enrichment and digital innovation. Drawing on an evidence-base and a commitment to inclusive practice, it works at both strategic and operational levels to enable education enhancement in line with the priorities of LSE2030 and higher education sectoral requirements emerging from the Teaching Excellence Framework and the School’s Access and Participation Plan.

Meet the Eden Centre team below:


Academic Developers

Eden.Digital team

Student partnership

Administrative team

Our work is underpinned by the following principles:

  • Enhancing education in the social sciences and the student experience at LSE through leading and supporting the review and enrichment of curricula including through harnessing learning technologies;
  • Engaging colleagues at all stages of their career in the development of their educational practice as individuals, teams and education leaders;
  • Enabling a high quality, research-rich and inclusive education experience for all our students.

Our team offers a range of developmental and funding opportunities to all staff who teach and support students’ learning including:

We hope that you find this site informative and useful but if you cannot find what you are looking for then please do get in touch with us at eden@lse.ac.uk.

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Dr Claire Gordon, LSE Eden Centre for Education Enhancement

Meet the Team

Claire Gordon June 2016, cropped

Dr Claire Gordon, Director, LSE Eden Centre

KSW 5.01

phone: 0207 107 5344

email: c.e.gordon@lse.ac.uk


I am the Director of the LSE’s Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education for career track staff, sit on a number of School Committees and working groups, and am the Departmental Adviser to the departments of Economic History, the European Institute, Government, International Relations and Sociology. I have particular interests in reward and recognition in higher education, developing research-based curricula to empower students in their learning, and assessment and feedback.

Prior to joining the Eden Centre (formerly the Teaching and Learning Centre) on a full-time basis I worked for ten years as a teaching fellow at the LSE’s European Institute with a particular focus on transition, EU enlargement and emerging political economies in Central and South East Europe. I have also been involved in a number of higher education and research capacity building projects in the Westerns Balkans.

Fung, Dilly and Claire Gordon (2016), 'Rewarding educators and education leaders in research-intensive universities' here: https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/sites/default/files/rewarding_educators_and_education_leaders.pdf 

Corbett, Anne and Claire Gordon. (2016 ). Written and oral evidence to the House of Commons Select Committee on Education inquiry on the impact of exiting the EU on higher education

Academic Developers 

A Ahmet

Dr Akile Ahmet, Academic Developer

KSW 5.12

phone: 0207 106 1424

email: a.ahmet@lse.ac.uk


I am the Academic Developer for Inclusive Education, I also hold Senior Fellow status from the Higher Education Academy. I was previously a Senior Lecturer in the sociology of race and racism at Middlesex University where I developed, taught and led modules on race and racism, deconstructing sociology and race and social justice.

My research is focussed on having a direct and significant impact in terms of student experience and curriculum. I have developed an innovative and unique research area on spaces of power and resistance in higher education, and have worked on three key research projects in this field: ‘Progression and Diversity of Social Work Students across eight different UK Universities’ and ‘Race in the Academy’ and ‘Decolonisation: meaning and action’.

I have bridged my teaching and research in innovative ways so that knowledge garnered from my research projects is always used to improve teaching delivery, curriculum design and impact the institutions where I am working. This is through having direct impact with policy makers. I have led two national research projects with external stakeholders. In 2008 after completing my PhD I worked on a Department of Health funded project entitled ‘Progression and Diversity of Social Work Students in England (DH, 2011)’. The project explored the experiences of social work students from black and minority ethnic backgrounds, disabled students and students who identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. The project’s wider pedagogical impact was on teaching, learning, and practice through providing evidence based approaches which advocates for diversifying the curriculum teaching and delivery.

In 2016 I was appointed the lead researcher at LSE on a project entitled ‘Race in the Academy’. The research focused on the experiences of race and racism of both postgraduate students and staff of colour studying at Russell group institutions.

I am also an active member of the RACE in Geography Royal Geographical Society working group, for which I have delivered two workshops based on my research and teaching and I have a forthcoming paper entitled ‘Who is worthy of a place on these walls?’ which is currently being considered for publication.

Head shot - cropped - Mark B


Mark Baltovic, Academic Developer

KSW 5.05

phone: 0207 955 7729

email: m.p.baltovic@lse.ac.uk


My primary focus is on teaching in quantitative disciplines, supporting teachers and developers of quantitative courses across the School through workshops and individual consultations.

I am also responsible for the Eden Centre's GTA induction programme, as well as various workshops on our PGCertHE and Academic Development programmes.

I have a long association with the School, having first started as an undergraduate here before becoming a teacher and educational researcher.

Experiencing the School from both sides of the 'podium' gives me an intimate understanding of the teaching we do here, but I still find myself surprised and inspired through this job.

My continuing teaching of mathematical subjects, both on campus-based as well as distance-based courses, fuels and informs my educational research interests; specifically, active learning approaches in quantitative disciplines and the use of web-based technologies to support learning in such disciplines.

I have recently started to look into the gamification and course design which lies atop the intersection of these seemingly diverse research interests.

I am on Twitter as Mark Baltovic (@SubliminalMaths)


Jenni Carr, June 2016

Dr Jenni Carr, Academic Developer

KSW 5.03

phone: 0207 107 5097

email: j.carr4@lse.ac.uk


Department adviser for Accounting, Psychological and Behavioural Sciences and Social Policy.

The other main areas I work on within the Eden Centre are:

  • Teaching research methods practice exchange forum.
  • Supervising PhD students workshops.
  • ‘Evaluating teaching’ module for the PG Certificate in Higher Education.
  • Development of teaching and learning resources.

Before coming to LSE I worked as Academic Developer for Social Sciences at the Higher Education Academy. My role involved providing leadership and academic guidance on the development and implementation on strategic projects. Themes for strategic projects included teaching research methods; active and experiential learning; employability and global citizenship; and, and supporting development teaching and learning in disciplines affected by significant policy changes.

For further details of experience and publications LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/jennicarr

I have a particular interest in the role of creativity in teaching and learning and explore this topic with academic development colleagues from three other universities via lacunaeblog.com.

Twitter @jennicarr8 


Laura photo


Dr Laura Hills, Academic Developer

KSW 5.03

phone: 0207 955 6573

email: l.a.hills@lse.ac.uk


I contribute to LSE's Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education. I am also involved in supporting academics seeking to gain Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)/ AdvanceHE.

I have a long-standing interest in the professional development of Higher Education teaching staff and, in particular, practitioner research and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). I have a background in researching how best to support engagement in SoTL, including the use of online technologies, and how SoTL can contribute to change at the level of the individual academic, their students and the wider institution. At my previous institution, The Open University, I worked in a unit to encourage widening participation into HE and was also involved in the development of Open Educational Resources aimed at students from widening participation backgrounds.

I have Fellowship of the Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) and am a member of SEDA's Research and Scholarship Committee. I have Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy and am an Accreditor for the HEA Fellowship scheme and a reviewer for the Collaborative Awards in Teaching Excellence (CATE).

Collen McKenna, Jan 2016, for blog


Dr Colleen McKenna, Academic Developer

KSW 5.05

phone: 0207 955 6623

email: c.mckenna4@lse.ac.uk


At LSE, I lead the PGCertHE Associate level (for GTAs) and Full level.

Before joining LSE, I was a lecturer at UCL, where I led the Academic Communication Programme in the Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching. I also contributed to the PGCLTHE and I taught undergraduates and masters students and supervised PhDs in higher education studies. I was a Visiting Fellow at the Institute of Education/UCL in the Department of Lifelong and Comparative Education. I also co-founded (with Dr Jane Hughes)  HEDERA, a research/consultancy group concerned with academic practice.

My research interests lie in assessment and feedback, open education, academic practice, academic literacies and digital texts.

  • McKenna, C.  with Spowart, L., Turner, R., Winter, J., Muneer, R. (2017 in press) "Evidencing the Impact of Teaching-related CPD: Beyond the 'Happy Sheets'. International Journal of Academic Development
  • McKenna, C. (2017) ‘Ownership, regulation and production’ in Lillis, T. Ed. The politics of language and creativity in a globalized world. Open University Press. 

  • McKenna, C. (2016) Digital writing as transformative: instantiating academic literacies in theory and practice. In Lea, M., Lillis, T. and Mitchell, S. Eds. Working with academic literacies: Research, theory, design. Parlor Press. 

Personal website: https://colleenmckenna.org/


Esther Saxey

Dr Ellis Saxey, Academic Developer

KSW 5.05

phone: 0207 955 7412

email: e.saxey@lse.ac.uk


I work as an academic developer in the Eden Centre. I coordinate two LSE student research initiatives:  Change Makers and LSE GROUPS. I also support the PG Certificate HE, and work with the Departments of Anthropology, Gender Studies, Media and Communications, LSE100 and the Language Centre.

I have particular interests in innovative assessment, deterring plagiarism, and the politics of pedagogy. I have worked in teaching and learning units at Goldsmiths, and the University of East London. Before joining LSE, I taught in Universities for over a decade in fields connected to literature and to gender/sexuality (see selected publications here).


LeeAnn pic

Lee-Ann Sequeira, Academic Developer

KSW 5.03

phone: 0207 106 1164

email: l.sequeira@lse.ac.uk


I joined the LSE as an academic developer who teaches on the PGCert and other Eden Centre workshops. I am also the department adviser for Economics, Finance, International Development, and Management and work closely with them on teaching and learning projects. I am interested in understanding how critical thinking and deep learning can promote a more rewarding learning experience. Past research I have been involved in has focussed on journal clubs, online education and most recently, developing conceptual understanding. Having lived, studied and taught in a number of education systems and countries, I am passionate about fostering all forms of diversity (intellectual, cultural, etc.) in education.

Sequeira, L., Bozzani, F. and Guiness, L. 2016. Formative Multiple Choice Questions: How can technology-enhanced learning promote deep learning among distance learners? RIDE Conference 2017, University of London, London.

Sequeira, L. and Colliety, P. 2010. Bridging the Gap Between Campus and Placement:Improving the Student Learning and Placement Experience through Virtual Action Learning Sets. Surrey Centre for Excellence in Professional Training and Education (SCEPTrE). Guildford: University of Surrey

Eden.Digital team 

Athina C photo

Athina Chatzigavriil, Senior Learning Technologist

KSW 4th floor

phone: 0207 852 3763

email: a.chatzigavriil@lse.ac.uk


Adviser for Accounting, Geography and Environment, International History, Philosophy, Language Centre, Logic and Scientific Method, Psychological and Behavioural Science and School of Public Policy.

Athina is a learning technology specialist, who can advise you on both pedagogic and technical issues when putting your course online. Athina’s interests are in assessment and feedback to enhance learning, and the impact of assessment in student learning. She is also interested in learning design, use of Turnitin as a student development tool, and blended approaches to learning. Athina has lots of experience in online learning and blended learning delivery, to enhance student learning and experience. Athina is currently line managing the Assistant Learning Technologist posts in the Eden Centre.


Steve Bond


phone: 0207 955 6862


email: s.bond1@lse.ac.uk



Steve is temporarily seconded to the Eden Centre to assist with Curriculum Shift 2020. His permanent role at LSE is Head of Operations for the University of London Programmes at LSE. Steve is a learning technologist with extensive experience of both on-campus and distance learning, including VLE administration, course design, training, resource development, video production, project management and strategic planning.


Chris F photo

Chris Fryer, Systems Administrator

KSW 4th floor

phone: 0207 955 6314

email: c.j.fryer@lse.ac.uk


Chris Fryer is the Eden Centre's Systems Administrator.

He is responsible for managing the servers that support Moodle, Mahara, Echo360, and LSE Blogs. He also works to integrate teaching and learning systems with line of business applications, magically enrolling students and teachers on their Moodle courses, and (somewhat less magically) integrating the Lecture Recording System with our timetable.


Sonja G photo

Sonja Grussendorf, Senior Learning Technologist

KSW 4th floor

phone: 0207 849 4678

email: s.grussendorf@lse.ac.uk


Adviser for European Institute, Government, International Development, LSE100, Media and Communications, Social Policy and Sociology. 

Sonja is particularly interested in the use of social media for teaching, interactive classroom technologies, e.g. voting systems, digital identity and changing assessment practices (incl. academic integrity). Her approach to educational technologies is deliberately critical, and educationally led rather than kit-led: educational technologies must be fit for educational purpose; ideally technology should provoke change where necessary, i.e. where it aids to progress & improve teaching practice.

Generic asexual head shot


Dan Lewis, Learning Technology Systems Support Specialist

KSW 4th floor

phone: 0207 107 5496

email: d.lewis2@lse.ac.uk


Dan is one of the Eden Centre's Echo360 lecture recording System Administrators. Dan’s lecture recording system duties are to ensure integrations between Echo360 and other systems are functional and to make sure timetabled lectures are scheduled for recording. Furthermore, through training and working closely with academics, Dan can help them to use the system more effectively by integrating the use of it into curriculum design and in turn develops a better learning experience for students.

Generic asexual head shot


Eoin Meade, Learning Technologist

KSW 4.02

phone: 0207 107 7138

email: e.a.meade@lse.ac.uk


With a background in Media education, Eoin is interested in the ways technology can be used to support independent learning and encourage collaboration.

He is keen to develop multi-modal approaches to teaching and learning, using technology to increase participation and student engagement.

Darren M photo


Darren Moon, Senior Learning Technologist

KSW 4th floor

phone: 0207 955 6219

email: d.p.moon@lse.ac.uk


Adviser for Anthropology, Economics, Finance, Gender Studies, International Relations and Management.

Darren works closely with departmental colleagues to develop pedagogically sound use of technologies and improve student learning outcomes. Darren co-teaches the course ‘IR318: Visual International Politics’ and advises colleagues across the school on filmmaking and visual methods for teaching and assessment. He has presented widely both in the UK and internationally, is experienced in designing and developing online and blended learning solutions in a variety of contexts. Darren manages the learning technology content development function within the Eden Centre.

Kris R photo


Kris Roger, Senior Learning Technologist

KSW 5.10

phone: 0207 955 7833

email: k.roger@lse.ac.uk


Adviser for Economic History, Health Policy, Law, Mathematics, Methodology and Statistics.

Kris has a wide range of interests and expertise including use of technology for flipped learning such as screencasts and lecture recording; innovation in learning spaces design for more active forms of learning; educational use of digital media and effective and active use of the VLE. Kris reports to the Head of the Eden Centre (Claire Gordon) and is jointly responsible with Chris Fryer for the day to day running of the Learning Technology team. Kris is currently line managing the Senior Learning Technologists.

social alex


Alex Spiers, Learning Technologist

email: a.spiers@lse.ac.uk


Alex Spiers is an experienced Learning Technologist who has worked in a variety of institutions within UK Higher Education. He has significant knowledge in blended learning, EMA (electronic management of assessment), VLE administration, use of audio and video for feedback, and the use of social media in Higher Education. He regularly presents at national and international conferences and has contributed to writing and research within his field. He is a keen collaborator and active participant in a wide range of technology focussed user groups and online open education courses. He is also obsessed with music. Connect with him on LinkedIn or on Twitter @alexgspiers

Student partnership

Lydia LSE_Headshots_IMG_7535

Lydia Halls, Student Partnership Co-ordinator

KSW 5.13

phone: 0207 107 5742

email: l.halls@lse.ac.uk


As Student Partnership Coordinator, I work to enhance student partnership, student academic representation and student feedback at LSE.

Prior to joining the Eden Centre, I worked in LSE’s Student Services and Residential Life teams. My previous roles centered around new student orientation / induction, peer mentoring, pastoral support for both residential and commuter students and advice on School regulations / processes.

I’ve also experienced LSE as a part-time postgraduate student and received an MSc in Gender from the Department of Gender Studies in 2018.                                              

Administrative team

Nicole Nathan

Nicole Nathan, Senior Administrator

KSW 5.02

phone: 0207 955 6325

email: n.a.nathan@lse.ac.uk


Responsible for:

  • PGCertHE programme management
  • Centre Administration
  • Financial administration and planning
  • HR in the Eden Centre

Previous employment:

  • Queen Mary University of London: Centre Manager.
  • BT: Middleware VVT Manager – CSS.
  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

BA (Hons) English Language and Literature

Generic asexual head shot

Georgia Croucher, Department Administrator


email: g.e.croucher@lse.ac.uk



I am temporarily seconded to the Eden Centre to assist with the Administrative team during the Curriculum Shift 2020. My permanent role at LSE is in the Summer School team, as a Programme Assistant which I started in March 2019.

Before coming to LSE I worked in a Legal Aid law firm as an Immigration Paralegal. 

Law LL.B

Chris D

Chris Doughty, Department Administrator

KSW 5.04

phone: 0207 107 5343

email: c.g.doughty@lse.ac.uk


Responsible for:

Previous Employment:

  • King’s College London
  • Kaplan Financial
  • INTO University Partnerships

BA (Hons) Politics with North American Studies


 DF pic - 2017 v2



David Blake-Faggiani, Department Administrator

KSW 5.04

phone: 0207 955 6638

email: a.d.blake-faggiani@lse.ac.uk


Responsible for:

Previous Employment:

  • London South Bank University
  • Leeds Building Society
  • Scottish Government

MA (Hons) English and Film