Welcome & Michaelmas Term Support

Prior to contacting us or attending a drop in session it is highly recommended
that you review the frequently asked questions section. If after exploring
the information you still require assistance, please do contact us.

Important notice: SSC closure dates 

The Student Services Centre will be closed on the dates below, there will be no in person drop available. 

  • 2 December 2022
  • 7 December 2022
  • 12-15 December 2022

Our office will be closed from the 16 December and will reopen on the 3 January 2023. We will offer 1-1 bookable appointments and a telephone service on the 16 December.


The first weeks of a new term can be very busy, you will be working through your Welcome checklist and finding your way around the LSE. 

If you have any student finance related enquiries we strongly recommend that you call our Support team or submit an enquiry via our helpdesk. 

Full details of our services can be found below.

Frequently asked questions 

You will find answers to common questions and enquiries on or FAQ page 

Student Finance in Focus Series videos

We have produced a series of bitesize videos which will provide you with an introduction to our key services. Finance in Focus Series

  • Session 1 - Introduction to the Finance Hub and key features
  • Session 2 - Introducing the Payment Portal, how to pay and options available
  • Session 3 - Fraud, important advice you need to know
  • Session 4 - Payment plans, due dates, funding and sponsorship


Contact us by telephone 

You can call our Customer Support Team on 0207 107 5555 between 09:30-16:30

Note: Phone service will not be available 12:30-1330 each day.


Welcome enhanced support:15 September to 23 September inclusive

We will be offering enhanced support services from Thursday 15 September to Friday 23 September inclusive. There services will be hybrid in nature (in person and virtual).

  • In person drop in in the Student Services Centre 10AM-2PM each day
  • 1-1 bookable Zoom appointments  (14 sessions per day, maximum appointment time 10 minutes). Note we will be offering early and later Zoom bookable appointments 8AM till 6PM. Follow this link to book your virtual 1-1 Zoom meeting with the Customer Support Team^
  • Call Centre 09:30 – 16:30 [Not available 1230-1330, closed for lunch]

^ Zoom 1-1 slots are: 8AM-9AM, 11AM-12PM & 5PM-6PM. 

Standard support services: 26 September - 9 December inclusive

We will be offering our standard support services from Monday 26 September to Friday 9 December inclusive. There services will be hybrid in nature (in person and virtual).

  • In person drop in in the Student Services Centre each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The drop in time will start at 11AM and close at 12PM.
  • 1-1 bookable Zoom appointments  (42 sessions per week, maximum appointment time 10 minutes). Follow this link to book your virtual 1-1 Zoom meeting with the Customer Support Team.
  • Call Centre 09:30 – 16:30 [Not available 12:30-1330, closed for lunch]

Drop in sessions are offered for routine enquiries,if you feel your enquiry will take longer it is recommended that you either call us on 0207 107 5555 or submit an enquiry via our helpdesk.

Documents and Forms

We cannot complete your forms in person, so please submit your documents via your Finance Hub account or email fees@lse.ac.uk . Your form will be reviewed and returned to you via email.

Setting up a bank account

High Street Bank Accounts 

The Student Services Centre has a useful webpage on setting up a Bank Account. This page provides some useful tips on how to set up a Bank Account with a high street bank. 

App only Bank Accounts 

There has been a rapid growth in App only Bank Accounts over the last 3 years, App accounts allow you to digitally manage your account without the need to visit a bank branch. Some of the accounts enable you to set up an account in minutes using personal details and proof of identity. 

Useful reads:

Money saving expert - Top App based bank accounts 

Money Supermarket - Guide to Online only app based banks

Compare the Market - App-Based Banks


Please note that if you decide to use any banking Service we strongly suggest you read their terms and conditions and their privacy policy before signing up to ensure that you are content to do so.

For the avoidance of doubt, LSE is providing you with these alternative options on an information only basis and does not make any recommendation or endorse any option. As such, LSE accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage caused to you, your property (computer based or otherwise), software or data caused as a result of using this service. 




Service levels and response times: Customer Charter

You can download our Customer Charter by clicking on the link below.

FICC Customer Charter