sQuid card



Pay with sQuid

sQuid on your LSE card gives students and staff an exciting new way to pay for food, drink and other items. sQuid can be used across the LSE campus wherever you see the sQuid 'Q'.

This will mean faster queues, a convenient way to pay and a better way to manage your money, with a statement of your transactions available online at any time.

Using your LSE card for payments will also make you eligible for future prize draws, loyalty rewards and local promotions.

How do I use sQuid on my LSE card?

Register your card at www.squidcard.com/lse . You can then top it up online, view your transactions and protect your balance.

Load it. Top-up from your bank or using a credit or debit card.

Use it. Tell the cashier you want to pay with sQuid wherever you see the sQuid 'Q'.


Please note that your Oyster and sQuid card will not function properly when they are too close together.

Lost or stolen cards

Report lost or stolen cards immediately via your sQuid online account.

To obtain a replacement card, students should visit the Student Services Centre, staff should visit the Library.

For more information about sQuid at LSE visit http://www.squidcard.com/lse .