Professional Services Seminar Series

lunchtime learning for Professional Services Staff


The Professional Services Seminar Series is available to book on the training booking system.

If you have any topics you would like to see as part of the series - or if you would like to run a session yourself - please contact the Organisational Learning team on 


 Sessions for 2019-2020:

Lessons from America: What can we learn from the US Higher Education system? - 14 October 2019, 12.00 - 14.00

Sharon Barnes (Department of Management) took part in a study tour of universities in the United States. The tour visited a wide range of HE providers, learning a great deal about the issues faced by our US counterparts and how they’re tackling them. This interactive session explores the key issues and discusses the lessons LSE can learn.

Mindfulness: An introduction - 10 December 2019, 12.00 - 13.30

Gwen O'Leary, Director of HospitableMind,  explores the neuroscience behind our understanding of how we function in this busy and demanding technological world. This workshop is experiential, offering you take-aways that can help you experience work in a new way: a way that cultivates self-awareness, the ability to respond rather than react, to shift from automatic pilot, and regulate your emotions. These skills can help you develop a more positive outlook and navigate change. Crucial skills in today's world.

Explore mindfulness based approaches and the cultivation of skills that can make a positive difference to your experience at work and in your everyday life. 



Sessions we ran in 2018-2019:

I don't do politics... well, not at work! - 6 March 2019, 12.30 - 13.30

Organisational politics are not everyone’s cup of tea, but ignoring them may be holding you back. 

Understanding the political landscape and why you need to map it, is an essential skill.  This is not game theory or how to manipulate people but how to improve collaboration, connections and, ultimately, organisational success. 

Laura Dawson has been leading technology teams for over 25 years and when she started out she "really didn’t do politics".  This session is to help anyone who has to influence beyond their own authority or to engage in tricky conversations in the work environment.

Values, strengths and understanding yourself: Happiness at work - 4 April 2019, 12.30 - 13.30

What makes you feel happy at work? Appreciating your personal values, interests and strengths can help lead to a better understanding of what makes a 'good day' at work, and also help in handling those 'manic Mondays' too.

Behavioural science proposes that small changes, or ‘nudges’ can sometimes lead to significant results. Join Rachel Power - an LSE Careers Consultant, and practising psychotherapist - at this informal and interactive session thinking about the small changes that might make a tangible difference to your levels of happiness at work. Take some time to think about yourself, meet PSS colleagues from across the school, and come away with practical next steps for keeping happy at work, whatever day of the week it is.

How to thrive during times of change: welbeing, resilience & optimal performance - 11 April 2019, 13.00 - 14.00

With all the current buzz around ‘resilience’, this workshop will deconstruct how our psychological wellbeing and personal resilience can help us flourish during times of change. How do we know if we are resilient? How can we bring out the best in ourselves when faced with challenge, change or failure? And how can we use adversity in life to thrive personally and professionally?

This interactive workshop will be split across two themes. To kick off, we will explore the intrinsic connections between the wellbeing and resilience of an organisation’s workforce and its ability to adapt, survive and thrive when managing both change programmes and the unexpected. Secondly, we will look at how to be our best selves during change, using practical strategies and tools grounded in Positive Psychology.

Dr Aarti Anhal ran this brilliant session during the 2018 PSS Conference - we've asked her to come back to re-run for those who missed out.

GDPR - what does it look like now? - 16 May 2019, 12.30 - 13.30

The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) have now been in force for a year - well, 51 weeks - so Rachel Maguire and Refel Ismail will help us review what has happened and what we've learnt. 

They'll have some case studies for discussion, and please feel free to bring your questions and queries.

Campus Tour - 1 July, 12.00 - 13.30

Where are LSE’S foundation stones, who suggested the LSE motto and what lies beneath the Library?  

Find out the answer to these and other questions by joining LSE Archivist, Sue Donnelly, on a campus history tour.

The Human Edge - 16 July 2019, 10.00 - 11.00

Wake up and smell the silicone!

The world is changing at a pace never seen before. As the number of devices connected to the internet exceeds the number of people on the planet, how we communicate, connect and work has changed beyond recognition in the past 20 years. Unless you are in your 60’s you are likely to retire from a job that has yet to be invented. This will require a fundamental shift in how workplaces operate. Let’s tap into our collective imagination to make the ride ahead a phenomenal one!

Maximise our Human Edge

Providing any internal or external professional service will be about genuine emotional connection, where humans work alongside technology to deliver the ultimate customer experience: high tech + high touch. The culture of a workplace will become the commercial differentiator and this is determined by the team culture and leadership style. Let’s explore how we can bring the team character and personal qualities to life.

A Chance to Reflect, Refresh, Re-evaluate

Laura Thomson presented during both the LSE Staff Summer Festival and the PSS Conference in 2018 - and the feedback was phenomenal!  We've asked her to return and re-deliver this fun and interactive session, designed to leaving everyone energised and confident about how to maximise their human potential with tech as the enabler. Time to evolve: the future is what we make it!