Resource Planning

Allocating School funds and setting fee levels

Staff Resources

The Planning Division models and reviews the resource requirements of Academic Departments as part of Annual Monitoring. It also assists Heads of Departments to understand their resource position and assesses funding bids for staff sickness, and parental and sabbatical leave. In 2017/18 the staffing system for all Academic Departments moved to Cash Staffing Budgets (CSB).

Non-Staff Funding

The Planning Division calculates non-staff funding for Academic Departments.

Fee Levels

The Planning Division ensures that the fee levels for every School programme are aligned with financial planning, considered by the relevant School committees and publised externally. Recommended fee levels are considered by the Student Numbers and Fees Group, before they are approved by the Academic Planning and Resources Committee (APRC) and Council.


The Planning Division reviews how scholarship funds are allocated between the various schemes and ensures they are aligned with financial planning, in liaison with the Financial Support Office.

Value For Money

The Planning Division developed and maintains LSE's "Value for Money (VFM) Strategy", which is periodically reviewed by APRC.