Ethics Committee (EC)

The Ethics Committee is a committee of Council and is responsible for considering ethical issues at the School. The committee’s role is to seek assurance on ethics oversight, advise on issues relating to the School’s Ethics Code and on ethical or reputational issues as they arise and to report to Council on the effectiveness of the implementation and embedding of the Ethics Framework in the life and work of the School.

Terms of Reference


To provide governance oversight and assurance to Council on ethical matters affecting the School in order to contribute to the achievement of strategic objectives and to meeting regulatory and legal obligations.

Terms of Reference

1.    To identify emerging ethical priorities, issues and risks (both inside the School and in the external environment) to inform Council discussions and facilitate the delivery of LSE2030.

2.    To provide governance oversight on behalf of Council of the ethical matters relating to equity, diversity and inclusion across the School, including specifically the ethical aspects of the Access and Participation Plan, in support of the delivery of LSE2030.

3.    To ensure appropriate mitigation of ethical risks and the provision of sources of assurance for Audit Committee and Council, including monitoring the School’s response to ethical challenges.

4.    To oversee, on behalf of Council, the application of the School’s Ethics Code and associated procedures and arrangements, to monitor their effectiveness and to shape their focus.

5.    To act as an advisory group to Council and the School’s management on ethical issues as required.

Committee liaison: To liaise with the Chairs of Audit, Remuneration and Governance Committees in establishing an annual schedule of work to ensure a coherent and responsive programme is in place with clear lines of responsibility.

Makes reports to: Council on its work and the governance of ethical issues at the School (annually).

Receives reports from: Ethics (Grants and Donations) Panel, the Research Ethics Committee (both annually) and other committees which consider ethical matters.

See the Ethics Committee Terms of Reference (PDF) approved by Council in Febraury 2021.



 Mr Alastair da Costa Committee Chair, Independent Council Member 
 Dr Susan Liautaud  Chair of Council 
 Professor Terhi Rantanen  Academic Council Member
 Professor Claudine Provencher  PSS Council Member
 Mr Charles Stafford  Pro-Director, Faculty Development
 Mr Ali Nikpay  Independent Council Member
 Mr David Gordon General Secretary of the Students’ Union
 Revd Canon Dr James Walters Chaplain and Senior Lecturer in Practice
 Ms Musimbi Kanyoro  Independent Member


Schedule of Meetings

To view meetings of the Ethics Committee, please view our committee calendar page here.


Danny Hassell, Ethics Manager.  E: