Remuneration Committee

Minutes, agendas and other papers are only available on a regular basis to committee members. If you are a staff member and want to request them, please contact the Committee Secretary using the contact details below.

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Schedule of meetings

Schedule of meetings

 December 2017








 Remuneration Committee

 January 2018








 Remuneration Committee

 July 2018








 Remuneration Committee





 Dr Susan Liautaud

 Ex-Officio (Vice Chair of Court)

 Roger Mountford

 Ex-Officio (Chair of Finance Committee)

 Dame Shirley Pearce

 Ex-Officio (Chair of Court and Council)

 Kevin White

 Independent Member
(01/08/16 - 31/07/19)

 Ruth Kosmin

 Lay Member on Council
(01/08/16 - 31/07/19)

 Ed Richards

 Lay Member on Court
(01/08/17 - 31/07/20)

 The quorum for the Remuneration Committee shall be 3.

Terms of Reference (currently under review)

1. Title of Committee: Remuneration Committee

2. Status of Committee: Standing Committee of the Council

3. Responsibilities delegated to the Committee by the Council

3.1 To review and monitor School strategy and policies on pay and remuneration.

3.2 To determine the salary and contribution award of the Director.

3.3 To receive and approve the salaries of senior staff reporting to the Director. This includes the Deputy Director and Provost, the Pro Directors, the Chief Operating Officer, the School Secretary, the Chief Financial Officer, the Director of Academic Services, and the Director of LSE Advancement. In addition, to receive and approve the salary on referral by the Director of any senior staff paid a significant salary supplementation or who have a base salary in excess of £200,000.

3.4 To oversee the remuneration of individual staff members in the context of relevant pay and remuneration policies and prevailing financial conditions, and taking into account as appropriate the Director's recommendations, HEFCE Guidance, market-related factors and available data on comparative salaries, equal pay and other relevant legislation and relevant institutional factors.

3.5 To oversee succession planning for senior staff, both academic and professional services staff. For roles where the selection committees operate under the auspices of the Council, a sub-group of the Director and independent members guiding decisions about senior appointments in the Director’s Management Team, In the case of the School Directorship, the independent members may meet as a subgroup on their own.

3.6 To review and monitor the recommendations of the Academic Staff Reward Committee about individual base salaries and contribution-related increases for academic staff within Band 10 and Band A3

3.7 To review and monitor the award of Contribution Pay for non-professorial academic staff.

3.8 To monitor the annual review of professional services staff; to review and monitor the policies relating to the employment of professional services staff.

3.9 To review and monitor the salary supplementation policy and its use in attracting and retaining staff.

3.10 To approve, on referral by the Director, requests from Heads of Department for salary supplementation to be applied at the level of the Department.

3.11 To review and monitor severance arrangements applying in the event of any required/unplanned early termination of employment of any holder of a senior post (Band 10), in accordance with the School's redundancy policy and any relevant guidance and codes of practice.

4. Authority delegated to the Committee to make recommendations to the Council

4.1 The provision of advice to Council on strategic and policy issues on pay and remuneration.

4.2 To deal with such other remuneration and pay matters as may be referred to the Committee by Council.

5. Arrangements for the Committee to report to the Council on the exercise of its delegated authority:

5.1 The Committee shall report to Council annually on its determinations and any significant changes in remuneration policy.

5.2 The Committee shall submit additional reports to meetings of the Council on ongoing issues and/or as required by the Council.

6. Arrangements for the performance of the functions, duties and responsibilities delegated:

6.1 The Committee shall establish, and appoint members to its sub-committees, delegating such responsibility to them as it considers appropriate within the terms of its own delegated responsibilities and consider reports from them on the matters within their terms of reference.

7. Quorum

7.1 4 out of 8 members

8. Frequency of Meetings

8.1 At least two meetings per session as published in the School calendar.

8.2 Decisions can be taken by the Remuneration Committee by correspondence and email


Membership for item 3.5 of Terms of Reference: the Chairman of Council, one Vice-Chairman of Council, and the Chairman of Finance Committee.The Deputy Director and Provost and the School Secretary shall absent themselves from discussions under 3.3 which involve the determination of his/her salary.

The Director shall absent himself/herself from discussions under 3.2 which involve the determination of his/her salary and contribution award.General Terms and Conditions applying to the delegation of powers by the Council to all committees
The Committee shall comply with the terms of the delegated authority.

The Council may revoke or vary the delegation giving reasonable notice.It is the duty of each committee to keep the Council informed of its work as appropriate, or on request from the Council.

Committees will be responsible for determining whether issues of significance they are progressing should be reported to Council for information/guidance.

Committees may handle expenditure decisions within existing budgets, but all proposals from committees involving additional expenditure beyond approved budgets should be referred to the APRC or Finance Committee, as appropriate.

Committees may not change their annual objectives without the Council’s approval.Conditions as to quorum shall apply as decided by Council.

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