Court of Governors

The LSE Court of Governors is a 100-member body of supporters and advisors to the School, whose members come from many different cultures and walks of life. 

Governors (members of the Court) are elected on the recommendation of the Nominations Committee of the Court. The Committee has membership comprising student, lay and academic members.

The Court also elects members to the Council (the School’s Board of Directors and Trustees); and lay members of the Council are themselves drawn from the lay membership of the Court. 

Court of Governors deals with some constitutional matters and has influence in the School through pre-decision discussions on key policy issues and the involvement of individual governors in the School's activities.


Governors are normally elected for an initial term of five years. They may be re-elected for a further term (of five years or less) on the recommendation of the Nominations Committee. The following individuals have been admitted as Governors by the Court. 

Member Status 
Dame Shirley Pearce Chair of Council
Mr Ali Nikpay  Vice Chair of Court
Ms Susan Liautaud Vice Chair of Court
Professor Alex Voorhoeve   Academic Governor 
Professor Simona Iammarino  Academic Governor 
Professor Christian List  Academic Governor 
Professor Michael Otsuka  Academic Governor 
Professor Michael Power  Academic Governor 
Professor Terhi Rantanen  Academic Governor 
Professor Julia Black  Ex Officio Pro-Director
Professor Emily Jackson   Ex Officio Vice-Chair of the Academic Board
Professor Dilly Fung Ex Officio Pro-Director
Professor Eric Neumayer Ex Officio Pro-Director
Dame Minouche Shafik Ex Officio Director
Professor David Webb   Ex Officio Pro Director
Mr Patrick Mears Ex Officio Chair of the Alumni Association
Christina Lauren Student Governor 
Akash Mehta Student Governor 
Zulum Elumogo  Student Governor 
Jivan Navani Student Governor
Sarah Pagel Student Governor
Zak Shafi Student Governor 
Lord Victor Adebowale  Lay Governor 
Ms Virginia Beardshaw BA  Lay Governor  
The Rt Hon The Lord Boateng   Lay Governor  
Ms Tamara Box  Lay Governor  
Ms Christine Chow Lay Governor   
Ms Rosehanna Chowdhury 
Lay Governor   
Mr Alastair Da Costa  Lay Governor 
Ms Gillian Day  Lay Governor 
Ms Tina Fahm BA (Hons) MSc   Lay Governor 
Lord Daniel Finkelstein  Lay Governor 
Lord Gold of Westcliff-on-Sea LLB  Lay Governor 
Mr Jeffrey Golden  Lay Governor 
Mr Rony Grushka  Lay Governor 
Mr Lee Henry BSc  Lay Governor 
Mr Dick Hibberd BSc (Hons) MBA  Lay Governor 
Mr John Hughes  Lay Governor 
Mr Nigel Hugill   Lay Governor 
Ms Jagdip Jagpal  Lay Governor 
Ms Margot James MP Lay Governor 
Ms Kalika Jayasekera Lay Governor
Ms Musonda Kapotwe Lay Governor
Mr Mustafa Khanbai Lay Governor
Dr Ruth Kosmin
Lay Governor
Mr Rishi Madlani Lay Governor
Mr Mark T J Molyneux Lay Governor
Dr Wendi Momen BSc (Hons) PhD MBE
Lay Governor
Mr Roger Mountford  BSc(Econ) Lay Governor
Dr Daleep Mukarji MSc MBBS Lay Governor
Lord Paul Myners Lay Governor
Ms Gita Patel BSc Lay Governor
Dr Katherine Rake Lay Governor
Ms Alison Rankin Frost Lay Governor
Mr Ali Rashidian Lay Governor
Mr Ed Richards Lay Governor
Ms Karina Robinson Lay Governor
Mr Michael Sheren Lay Governor
Mr Lutfey Siddiqi Lay Governor
Dr Angela Spatharou Lay Governor
Mrs Elisabeth Stheeman Lay Governor
Dr Elizabeth Vallance Lay Governor
Mr Richard Wildman Lay Governor


Meeting Schedule

October 2018 

  • Tuesday, 30 October at 9:30 at the Royal College of Radiologists 

December 2018 

  • Thursday 6 December at 17:00 in Shaw Library 

April 2019

  • Tuesday, 2 April at 17:00 in Shaw Library

June 2019

  • Tuesday, 18 June at 17:00 in Shaw Library 

Governor Responsibilities


  • provide the School, the Council and the Director with expert advice, support and encouragement at and between meetings of the Court. 
  • provide the Council (the LSE ‘Board’) and the Director with insight as to how the School is perceived nationally and internationally.
  • provide a network of contacts, information and influence for the School, including in respect of fundraising.
  • draw upon insights and expertise from the diversity of their professional knowledge and interests.
  • serve as members of the Council and School committees and/or as members of other working groups, review bodies, as established from time-to-time.   
  • represent and are ambassadors for LSE. 
  • prepare for, attend and contribute to meetings of the Court of Governors.

Committees of Court

LSE Emeritus Governors

Mr Bernard Asher

Mr John Avery Jones CBE MA   PhD LLM FTII

Mr Hugo Banziger

Sir Stephen Barclay

Sir Anthony Battishill

Presiley Baxendale QC

Ms Suzy Black

Ms Cherie Booth QC LLB

Baroness Bottomley of Nettlestone

His Hon Sir Clive Callman

Ms Angela Camber

Professor William Cornish

Mr Victor Dahdaleh

Mr Rodger Davies

Mr Ian Hay Davison

Mr Leslie Dighton BSc   (Econ)

Dr Christine Downton BSc   (Econ) PhD

Mr Mario Francescotti

Mr Timothy Frost

Sir Patrick Gillam BAA

Mr D J David Goldstone CBE

Mr James Goudie QC

Lord Grabiner of Aldwych QC

Dr Loyd Grossman

Baroness Howe of Idlicote

Mr Johannes Huth

Mr Will Hutton

Ms Margaret Hyde OBE

The Rt. Hon Professor Sir Robin Jacob

Ms Kate Jenkins

Lord Judd of Portsea, Hon LLD, Hon D Litt, FRSA

Sir Michael Lickiss

Ms Anne Lapping

Dr Spiro Latsis

Mr Keith Mackrell

Ms Anne Page

Mr Michael Peacock OBE

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild

Lord Saatchi

My Bryan Sanderson CBE

Ms Helen Sasson

Sir Richard Shepherd MP

Mr Barry Sheerman MP

Mr Brian Smith

Sir John Sparrow

Ms Rita Stephen

Mr Cato Stonex

Mr Michael Thomas CMG QC LLB Hons

Baroness Thornton of Manningham

Dr Sushil Wadhwani

Sir Mark Weinberg

Mrs Wendy Weinberg LLB BSc (Econ)

Professor Sir Robert Worcester KBE DL


As of 1 August 2016