How to use the Assessment Toolkit

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The LSE Assessment Toolkit - Introduction 

What is the LSE Assessment Toolkit?

The LSE Assessment Toolkit is designed to support teachers to make informed decisions about the best way to assess students’ learning against learning outcomes on their courses and programmes. By offering insight into a number of assessment methods, the toolkit will enable you to select the right mix of methods for your course or programme in the context of broader considerations about the impact of assessment on student learning

How to use the Toolkit?

The Toolkit can be used in a number of ways. You may be designing a new course; you may wish to re-examine the current assessment mix in a programme, or you may be seeking to gain a better understanding about the breadth of assessment possibilities. There is no ‘best’ way to use the toolkit but you may wish to start by exploring the different sections, to familiarise yourself with the language, key concepts and pedagogies underpinning approaches to assessment.


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