Accounts and Passwords

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1. How do I register for a staff IT account?

Please contact the IT Service Desk for information on registering to access IT facilities.

2. I have changed my title/surname. How do I amend my IT account to reflect this?

Please note that usernames for IT accounts cannot be changed. These are however only required by the account holder.

Email addresses can be changed if necessary - see FAQ 3 on this page for details.

3. My email address is incorrect. How do I change this?

Email addresses are assigned based on your personal details in:

  1. SITS, the student record system - for students
  2. the Human Resources database - for staff

In order to generate a unique and convenient mail address, we use your first two initials. If this is not unique, we  use one, two or three initials. If necessary, we repeat this process adding numbers after your last name.

If you believe that your email address is incorrect:

  1. Contact the Student Service Centre (students) or Human Resources (staff) and check that your personal details are correct. Email addresses cannot be changed until your record has been updated.
  2. When the SSC or HR confirm that your details have been changed, notify the IT Service Desk (staff and postgraduate research students) or the IT Help Desk (taught students) of this and request that your email address be corrected. Please note: you cannot request a particular email address, only that errors in the address be corrected.

See 4. My LSE email address is being changed. What happens now? of the Email FAQ page for details of the steps you should take to ensure a smooth transition to your new email address.

In the meantime, you can use your username as a valid email address. For example, if your username is bloggsj, you can use Note that this address may not be supported for use with online subscriptions. 

After a change has been made, mail sent to the incorrect address will be directed to your revised address for 2 months.

4. What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Staff and students who have set up security questions in LSE for You can visit: and click the Forgot username or password link.

For those who haven't enabled self-service password reset, please contact the IT Service Desk on 020 7107 5000 | x5000

5. What do I do if I have forgotten my password and can't come on to campus?

Please contact the IT Service Desk: 020 7107 5000 | x5000

6. I have a question about my alumni account. Who do I contact?

Please note that LSE student email accounts and H: spaces expire on 31 December of the year you graduate if your course started in October. IT accounts for short course attendees will expire at the end of the month that the course ends. If neither of these scenarios apply to you please contact the Service Desk. IMT will email the account holder automatically before the account expires.

Please visit the LSE Alumni website's Registration and Use page for more information on setting up or logging into your LSE Alumni account. If you require further assistance, please contact

7. I am working on an LSE project, but am not a member of LSE. How do I get access to the resources I need?

The LSE Associate Accounts Policy covers all users who are not formal members of LSE or established third party suppliers, but who may have a legitimate need for an LSE network account in order to pursue LSE objectives.

A request to provide you with access in accordance with the policy must be made to the IMT Service Desk by a Head, Director or Manager of an academic unit

(Department, Research Centre or Institute) or the Head of a service division.

8. I am a visitor to the Library and want to use a PC

Please see PC Access for visitors to the Library for information.