Assistive Tech

Contact us for a 1:1 appointment to discuss your assistive tech needs.

Please find below a selection of guides and FAQs for assistive technology and inclusion:



What IT Facilities are there for students with disabilities?

There are three dedicated PC rooms on campus for students with disabilities. Each has at least one electric height-adjustable desk, fully-adjustable monitor stands with new flat TFT screens, and is equipped with assistive technologies.

R25 and R25 - Study Rooms, Library Ground Floor

These are quiet study rooms, each equipped with two PCs, specialist equipment and software, including:

  • ZoomText magnification software
  • JAWS screen-reading software
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking voice recognition software
  • Duxbury Braille translation software

Students using these rooms can print to the designated printers in each room. R25 is also equipped with an Index Basic-D Braille embosser.

To gain access to R25 and R26, you will need to go to the Disability and Well-being Office in OLD.G23 to arrange access requirements. To exit the room press the green button which is found to the left hand side of the door.


A quiet study room, equipped with 4 PCs on the standard public room build, with 1 printer and 1 scanner. 

Restricted Access PCs

A number of open access standard desktop PCs and printers on campus have restricted access for students with disabilities. These facilities are indicated by notices on the desks:

Library Lower Ground Floor

  • 7 PCs and access to subsidised printing

Library Ground Floor

  • 3 PCs (1 PC with height-adjustable desk) and access to subsidised printing

What specialist software for students with disabilities is on Taught Students PCs?

All taught student PCs on campus are installed with Inspiration Mind Mapping Software, a tool to enable the user to create pictures of ideas and concepts in the form of a diagram. 

Click on Start | All Programs | Accessibility Software | Mind Mapping | Inspiration

If the student is registered with the Disability and Well-being Office, access to Kurzweil 3000 software will be made available by prior arrangement.

Office 2010 also includes accessibility features, including limited voice recognition and magnification tools.

Is there any one-to-one IT support for users with disabilities?

Information Management and Technology provides one-to-one support for students and staff with disabilities who wish to become familiar with the assistive technologies and software provided.

To book an appointment, please come to the IT Help Desk or contact Sebastiaan Eldritch-Böersen by email:

IMT needs at least one week’s notice to provide an appointment. Students should contact us as early as possible to discuss disability-related requirements.

Are there any height adjustable desks on campus?

There are several electric height adjustable desks and fully-adjustable monitor stands with flat TFT screens available in each of the Tower 2 PC classrooms.

For more about our Assistive Tech support, please see here