Online Printing Payment

To top up your account online, transfer money from your bank account (using a debit or credit card) to your Papercut printing account via Trust Payments - the secure internet payment service. 

Once in your printing account, credit can only be used to pay for print services.

How to transfer funds 

  • Login to your Papercut printing account: or using the desktop shortcut 
  • Select 'Add Credit' from the left-hand menu
  • Choose the amount of money you'd like to transfer
  • Transfer the funds securely using Trust Payments, entering your card details when prompted


  • Remember to select a Card Type from the top of the Payment Page before entering your card details
  • Make sure you wait to be returned to Papercut before ending the session
  • Credits can only be added when connected to the LSE Network

Key terms and conditions

  • To use this service you'll need an LSE IT account or a visitor/alumni printing account.
  • The payment system is cross-browser compatible and performs best with Javascript enabled.  
  • If there is no recorded activity on a vistor/alumni printing account for over six months, the account will be deleted. 
  • Refund Policy: Balances of £10 or more can be refunded, please email to request them. Please note: this applies for personal accounts only. All unused departmental credit will be transferred back to the Departments accounts.

Need Help?

Please contact Reprographics if you encounter a problem transfering funds into your Papercut account or would like to request a refund: