Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA Configuration Guide - phone text or call


How to configure your account

After MFA has been enabled, the first time you logon to a web-based Microsoft 365 service (such as, Teams, SharePoint) you will be prompted to configure your account. 

If you have already configured your account and want to set up phone as an additional second factor, you can jump to the phone instructions below. 


After clicking next you be prompted to select the type of authentication you would prefer to use.

“Mobile App” or “Phone” are currently available.

Microsoft Aunthenticator

The options are as follows:

  • Mobile App 
  • Phone (phone call or sms text message) 
  • App Passwords (for older apps that access services e.g. email) 

LSE Recommend you set-up both the “Mobile App” and “Phone” methods of verification to ensure you always have access to your account.


Setting up a Phone call or sms text message as second factor

If this is the first time you are setting up a second factor, the default option (as shown above) is to use the Authenticator app. To change to using a phone text message or call, click I want to set up a different method and select Phone from the choice of methods.

If you are setting up Phone as an additional second factor, you will need to click Add method on the Microsoft Security Info page and select Phone from the list of methods.

The options for Phone are “Text me a code” or “Call me”.

Selecting “Text me a code” will result in a SMS message being sent to your phone containing a 6-digit verification code for you to enter at login.

The “Call me” option will result in a phone call with an automated voice asking you press a key to verify.  

Setting up “Phone” method

  • Select phone from the drop-down list, enter the phone number you would like to use, and tick either the “Text me a code” or “Call Me” option and select next:
phone code

Logging in:

  • If using “Send me a code by text message”, a SMS message will be sent to your phone. Enter the code contained to when prompted to complete the logon process.
  • If using the “Call me” option, the designated number will receive a phone call with instructions on how to proceed to verify your account. 

You can set up both text message and call options if you wish. These can be on different phone numbers, including a landline.
LSE recommends that you set up at least one phone option.  

If you have any further questions, please contact Tech Support