Helpdesk services

Information about response times, statistics, feedback

For general information or to check progress on a current job, email Alternatively, please contact Help Desk on ext 6415 or ext 7956.

If you have a query or wish to give feedback please contact the Customer Services Manager  ext 7778.

Response times

Please contact Estates Helpdesk if you are unsure of the time-scale and cannot find it in the tables below. We will try to give you a time frame wherever possible.

These response times are reviewed annually and reflect the workload and resources we currently have.


Building fabric works

Carpentry, signs, minor furniture repairs, locks and keys, toilet accessories, minor decoration, bins, smashed windows and mirrors, shelves, whiteboards, notice boards, removal of building material etc. Building fabric SLAs [PDF]


Electrical works

Faulty alarms and lifts, spent and flickering lights, loss of power, repairs and replacement of sockets, light fittings and diffusers etc. Electrical works SLAs [PDF]

Furniture requests

Re-use and new furniture requests. Furniture request SLAs (PDF)

Mechanical works

Gas, heating, air conditioning and ventilation issues. Mechanical works SLAs [PDF]

Plumbing works

Leaks and blockages, replacement and repairs to taps, plugs, toilets; new service installations. Plumbing works SLAs [PDF]



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