What we do

What LSE is doing to reduce its environmental impacts


Energy and Carbon

Energy and Carbon

We're improving energy efficiency in buildings and equipment to, and working to reduce the School's carbon footprint. 


Waste and Resources

Reducing Waste

LSE have achieved zero waste to landfill, and now we're working to reduce our overall amount of waste and resource consumption, and to improve our recycling rates. 



Construction and Refurbishment

Sustainable Buildings

Our new buildings and refurbishments meet the highest environmental standards.



Saving Water

We're working towards more efficient water consumption on campus and in Halls of Residence. 




Sustainable Procurement

We're working to consider the social and environmental impact of everything we buy. 


Emissions and discahrges

Preventing Pollution

We ensure our emissions and discharges do not pollute land, air, and water.


Income and Investment

Ethical Investment

We're working to consider ethical, social, environmental and governance factors in investment decisions. 



Sustainable Transport

We're working to reduce emissions from commuting and business travel. 


Biodiversity and Urban Landscapes


We monitor, maintain and enhance biodiversity and habitats on the LSE estate. 


Community Involvement

Community Involvement

We communicate our sustainability work to LSE students, staff and alumni, and to the wider community. 


Education for sustainable development

Education for Sustainable Development

LSE conducts world-leading research on sustainability issues which shapes academic inquiry, public debate and policy. Our teaching equips LSE graduates with an understanding of how sustainability issues relate to the key global challenges of our age.