Iron Rule 2 | Protect Devices and Data

This page contains info on how to protect your data and devices from a variety of threats.

As long as we are in a connected world, our data is not entirely safe.

Use a layered approach to protection, applying multiple level of defence around your devices and data.

Once your computer is infected with malware, it could become a ‘zombi’ (botnet) that sends out spam, distributes malware to other victims, and/or launches anonymous attacks over the net. 

Additionally if your devices, including laptops, tablets and/or smart phones, are used to connect to LSE emails or the LSE remote desktop, then LSE data would be at risk if your device is compromised.  

The loss of School data could cause LSE reputational damage, lead to fines, and result in the cancellation of or failure to win research contracts.

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