Lent Term Funding Competition

Win up to £20,000 for your business venture!

We run the LSE Generate funding competition twice a year, during the Michaelmas and Lent terms. Each competition has 3 to 5 winners, who will each take home a share of £20,000 to spend on their ventures. 

Your time is now, and we’ve got your back!

Applications for the LT Funding Competition are now open! If you're looking for some extra funding for your business, have a look at the below criteria and see whether you're eligible to apply. Applications close on the 31st January at 23:59(GMT).


Who can apply?

Both current LSE students and alumni graduates, with no restriction on the year of graduation, from the UK and overseas can apply.

We welcome new ventures at one of these stages:

  • Pre-launch - You have identified an opportunity and are in the process of developing your market understanding, proposition and initial team. 
  • Live - You have an initial team, minimal viable product or service, and are in negotiations with or working with your first customers. You have not raised a significant amount of funding yet.

Your venture must be a commercial product or service rather than a charity or organisation that relies on grant funding. You can articulate how your venture contributes to the SDG's.

There is no restriction on how many team members you can have for each entry, but you will need to explain the role and contribution of each person.

Previous applicants are eligible, but we will be looking for evidence that your idea has developed since your last application. Previous winners are unfortunately not eligible as we want to be able to support as many entrepreneurs as possible!

Please note: Applicants to the Pre-Launch category are not expected to include as much detail in some areas as those applying for the Live category.  


Key dates:

Competition Opens: 5th January 2023

Deadline: 31st January 2023 (23:59 GMT)

Finalists list announced: 25 February 2023 

Finals take place on: 30th March 2023

How to apply

Read through the info below, then simply complete the application form here, making sure you complete all the questions and attach the relevant links & documents. You will receive a confirmation email once you submit that we have received your application. 

NB. Generate emails have been landing frequently in people's spam/junk/promotional folders so please make sure you keep an eye on those throughout the competition process – we don't want you to miss anything!


Competition Rounds

The LSE Generate Funding Competition consists of just two rounds:


This is your one chance (that's a bit dramz; there'll be plenty of others) to wow us - we want you to submit a pitch-deck and a 60-second video to sell your genius idea. 

  • What to include for your pitch-deckThink of this as an investment pitch and include everything an investor might want to see. Some areas to consider:

    Problem (what it is that your customers struggle with, incl. references to the research you’ve done)
    Solution (how do you/ can you solve this problem for them)
    Business Model (how does the business work, how does it make money and how much money it can make)
    o Impact (how your business aligns with UN SDGs)
    Team (what makes you the right team to make it happen)
    o Validation & Traction (what have you done to-date to show that your business could be successful, including any progress on the customer, product and partner side and customer research insights)
    Use of funds & impact (what would winning the competition mean for your business)

    Your pitch-deck should be submitted in a PDF format.
  • What to include for your video: The video is another chance for us to see your creative side as an entrepreneur, we want to be able to see the essence of your business. The video can be any style you like.

Please note: Applicants to the Pre-Launch category are not expected to include as much detail in some areas as those applying for the Live category. 

At the end of this round, we will choose the top teams to go into the Final. These teams will receive pitch training (a pitch workshop and individual pitch coaching sessions) to prepare them for the big day.



The finalists will pitch to a panel of experienced judges. 

We organise the Grand Finale jointly with our Schools Programme with the day hosted by a secondary school in London or nearby. In addition to the professional judges, the audience will comprise of savvy school students who will be there to learn from you but also will get a chance to ask a question or two.

Every team will have 5 minutes to pitch followed by a 10 minute Q&A.


Winner's Package

In addition to a part of the prize fund, the winners will receive a package of coaching and consulting services to further support their entrepreneurial journey. The coaching sessions will be mandatory.


Top Tips

Funding Competition Workshop - with David Paperelli: Watch the informal fireside breakfast with LSE Generate's Entrepreneur of the Year who offered his top tips on how to maximise your chances on reaching the Generate competition finals!

Funding Competition Workshop - With LJ Silverman: A brief outline and Q&A of the funding competition


Putting together a pitch deck - Follow this link to get guidance from our friends and partners at Houghton Street Ventures. 


See some of the examples from the past years’ for inspiration:

Cultiba Pitch Deck & Cultiba VideoPrize winner of MT21 Funding Competition

Disena Futuro Pitch Deck – Prize winner of MT19 Funding Competition

Happy Insurance Pitch Deck - Prize Winner of LT19 Funding Competition


Winners of the Funding Competition

SEMA; Lanterne; Hen Pals; Pip & Henry; M-Cultivo; Educbank; Alxedo.


Please note LSE Generate can only transfer prize money; grants or awards to individuals' personal accounts, and not corporate or business accounts. If you have any questions, please contact the LSE Generate team.


LSE Entrepreneur of the Year Awards

We encourage all the competition winners to apply to the LSE Entrepreneur of the Year awards in the Summer Term. We’ll choose an overall winner for each category and award additional funding.


If you’re an international student, you could be eligible for a Start-up visa if you participate in the funding competition. Get more information on Start-up visas.



If you have any further questions or would like advice or support from the LSE Generate team, then please contact us via email listing your questions.