Lisbon Bootcamp 2023

5-day Lisbon Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

We're heading to Lisbon! Join us as we run the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp at our co-working hub in Lisbon, Casa do Impacto, from 30th October - 3rd November. 

In four days from almost 0, I have learned how to turn an idea into a testable business during the Lisbon Bootcamp. If this is not enough, I don't know what more could I say.

LSE Student | Lisbon Entrepreneurship Feb 2023 participant


Why Lisbon?

Over the last few years, Lisbon has become and entrepreneurial hotspot in Europe, offering some of the best incentives and lowest living costs for young innovators to launch their businesses. LSE Generate has a coworking space in the most famous impact hubs in Portugal; Casa do Impacto - set in a beautiful convent on the top of a hill in Chiado, one of the most stunning neighborhoods in Lisbon, LSE entrepreneurs have continued access to the space and ecosystem.

Journey with us as we delve a little deeper into what makes Lisbon such a mighty magnet currently for entrepreneurs across the world here.


Application Process

What is included in the Lisbon Bootcamps?

  • Programme Content: Course content and access to the team leaders during your stay, non-curricular sessions with alumni and VC's, plus a certificate of completion at the end of the course

  • Catering - Snacks and drinks during the daytime sessions

  • A welcome drinks reception on the Monday evening, as well as an afternoon boat trip on the Friday afternoon

  • Office Space: A beautiful co-working space in the heart of Lisbon, with a view of the city that will take your breath away.

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Overview

Have a business idea? Want to turn it into reality? Join us for the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in Lisbon where we will take you through the key steps of testing your business idea and getting initial customer traction. 

Over the course of four days, we will dive into the most important topics any founder needs to think about: 

  • How do I test the business idea in a systematic way to increase the chances of success?
  • How do I make sure my idea resonates with the target market?
  • Where do I find my first customers?
  • What is the initial product going to be?

This week will also be a unique chance to meet some like-minded aspiring founders, explore the wonderful city of Lisbon and hear from the players in the local ecosystem. LSE has a strong rapport with the key innovation players so you will have access to investors, advisors and other Founders as well as LSE alumni living there permanently or as a digital nomad.

You can access the full brochure for the Lisbon Bootcamp here.

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Programme Fees

Type Super Early Bird Early Bird General Sale
Lisbon Entrepreneurship Bootcamp £499 £549 £599
Deadline 15/09/2023 30/09/2023 25/10/2023

Refer a friend: 

Do you have a co-founder, colleague, friend or even a family member in your network you would like to bring along to this programme? If you do, just include their information in your application form and you will be entitled to a referral bonus of £50 per person you refer. 

Should I apply? Yes, if you are:

  • Mission-driven and committed to creating impact in your work

  • Working most of their time on their entrepreneurial venture

  • Committed to completing the programme in Lisbon

  • Willing to give back and contribute to the community

  • Please ensure you are able to travel to Lisbon during the programme dates (it is your responsibility to secure the necessary visas/flights/accommodation)

Any questions

If you have any further questions r garding ethe Entrepreneurship Bootcamp please contact our Communications and Events Manager Sian Kincaide at for more information.  

We look forward to seeing you in Lisbon!