Launch Lisbon Bootcamp 2022

7 days Lisbon | 21/02/22 - 27/02/22 

A one-week paid international programme about all things startup, entrepreneurship, and social innovation. Develop an impact mindset, build your business and connect with like-minded individuals, in a city like no other.

We do this through community events with industry leaders, expert mentors, and a growing list of exclusive perks, all while leveraging LSE's international network.

Generate's European Hub pours the rocket fuel on any startup or innovator, join us now!

I love Lisbon! It is a place full of energy, life, and vibrancy. I really love that you see the same faces around and how quickly you can form a diverse community. From a start up point of view it’s a great place to be because there are so many people working on entrepreneurial ventures and it’s fantastic because we can all help each other.

Niklas Kuegler, Founder of Ocafi | Accelerator/European Hub Member

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Application Process

  • Choose your programme: See below

  • Typeform Application: >5 mins

  • Phone Interview: >15 mins

  • Acceptance: Pay deposit

What is included in all Launch Lisbon Bootcamps?

  • Programme Content: Courses and materials in the form of active workshops, panels and fireside chats.

  • Founder Coaching: With industry experts.

  • Discounts on startup tools: From AWS to Stripe, the software tools you will need to help build your business.

  • Office Space: A beautiful co-working space in the heart of Lisbon, with a view of the city that will take your breath away.

  • Catering - Breakfast and coffees every day and two evening meals with the cohort.

  • Welcome Pack and Swag: From diaries to directories, everything you will need to make your week in Lisbon the most effective it can be!

  • Community-led Activities: Evenings and weekends to explore Lisbon, make memories and connect with the network in the coolest spots around the city.

  • Virtual Programme: This will include access to the cohort community, recordings of all selected sessions, access to perks, and virtual 1:1s with mentors and experts.

  • Accommodation (optional with extra cost): You will have the option to stay in a co-living style facility within a 10 minute walk from our offices, with living space, furnished rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Programme Description and Options

Pitching and Fundraising

What you'll learn

This bootcamp will provide actionable learnings about different funding sources, which investors are right for your company and how to build a fundraising pitch from the ground up.

Deliverables: Key Outcomes

Pitch Deck - Iterative sessions and active storytelling workshops to develop your story.

Pitch Clinics - Pitch delivery group classes and one-one sessions.

Bespoke Fundraising Plan - Documentation templates, tools, impact measurement processes and materials.

Marketing and Branding

What you'll learn

Learn how to share the vision of your company or personal brand, and build a compelling story. With deep-dives into various marketing tools across email, content, social media, and paid advertising this bootcamp is for you to reach your target audience.

Deliverables: Key Outcomes

Building Brand Guidelines - To inspire and get results, including pricing and sales sessions.

Applied Marketing Tools - To strengthen your organisations presence.

Becoming a Storyteller - Across social media platforms and building content calendars.

Building a startup from Idea to Product

What you'll learn

In this programme you will have the opportunity to turn ideas, passions, and side hustles into functioning businesses.

Deliverables: Key Outcomes

Validate with Customers - Use frameworks to test if your product has what it takes to become a functional business.

Design and Test a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) - Develop a basic version of what you are working on and test it in the market.

Build a Sustainable Business Model - Creating a profitable enterprise.

Starting a Digital Nomad Career

What you'll learn

Build a career you love, while having the flexibility to live wherever you want in the world.

Deliverables: Key Outcomes

Find Your Why - Through creative and thought provoking workshops that will challenge your current perception of work.

From Idea to Action - Develop a business model that works for you and understand what you need from your work.

Learn about the right career path for your lifestyle - Get inspiration from nomads who have been there before.


Programme Fees

Pricing Graphic-min

Who should apply?

  • Mission-driven and committed to creating impact in your work

  • Working most of their time on their entrepreneurial venture

  • Committed to completing the programme in Lisbon

  • Willing to give back and contribute to the community

  • Please ensure you are able to travel to Lisbon during the programme dates (it is your responsibility to secure the necessary visas/flights)

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Any questions

If you need any further questions please contact Kiran or Anthea our hub Co-Leads at or

My younger self wouldn’t have listened to any advice— but if I could talk to her I’d say it’s harder than you think. I’d say ‘Yes, this is tough, but it gets tougher. You don’t know what you don’t know, but you’re learning those things. Keep going. Wade through the darkness. Surround yourself with people further along the journey who can offer guidance and get off Tinder.

Melissa Kiguwa, founder and CEO of Obánj