UK Start-Up Visa

A Start-up visa can enable non-British entrepreneurs to stay in the UK to work on a new venture after graduating. This is a great way to benefit from the buzzing entrepreneurial ecosystem that London provides.

Join our Generate Funding Competition to secure your visa!

The visa applies to graduates who demonstrate high entrepreneurial potential and wish to start a UK business for the first time. LSE is delighted to be an endorsing body under the scheme, through the LSE Generate funding competition.

Visa period

  • 2 years, no extensions available.
  • Potential to transfer to an Innovator visa after 2 years.

How to apply

  • Enter the LSE Generate funding competition, stating that you are seeking a visa.
  • If you make it through to the second round of the competition, you’ll be invited to a visa application interview with LSE Generate and the International Student Visa Advice Team (ISVAT).
  • Please contact ISVAT for more details on what’s required, as they are the only LSE team that are authorised to discuss visas in detail.


  • Current students and graduates of LSE are eligible.
  • There is no restriction on the time elapsed since graduation.
  • Visa sponsorships can be granted to any applicant who qualifies for round 2 of the funding competition.

For more information on visas, please contact the ISVAT team or check out the current rules on Start-up-visas at GOV.UK.