Commercialisation at LSE

Helping you make more of your research

The Commercialisation Team at LSE works with staff across departments to help turn ideas generated from their research into new businesses, products or services that benefit society.

As one of the world’s leading social sciences universities, one of our core activities is to create impactful research for the betterment of society.

We support staff across LSE in identifying, protecting and marketing innovations, whether providing support when applying for translational funding, licensing IP to third parties, or forming brand-new ventures (spinouts). We are increasingly connecting our researchers with like-minded partners both here at LSE and at other leading universities (through the ASPECT initiative) to unlock wider social impact opportunities.

Through increased cooperation and collaboration - with industry advisors, commercial partners, incubators, accelerators, potential investors, and other social impact experts - LSE Commercialisation can help you to use your research to create new ways to deliver economic and social impacts to better lives and improve society.

How does LSE Commercialisation benefit the School?

As one of the world’s leading social sciences universities, one of our core activities is to create impactful research for the betterment of society. LSE Commercialisation works with academics, research staff and research students to successfully commercialise the IP that is generated from this research. Together we can expand the impact of that research in new and exciting ways.

Importantly, commercialisation provides a clear demonstration of societal impact, highly relevant for the REF assessment, in which ‘impact’ has a weighting of 25%.

Commercialising your research

Achieving success in commercialisation is a team activity. It is never too early to talk to us about your ideas.

Our team will work with you to:

  • Understand the social and economic impact potential of your work
  • Protect the Intellectual Property (IP) your ideas bring
  • Develop the best route to market through which to commercialise them

Often, academic research that has commercial potential will benefit from intellectual property protection. It is important that you let us know about it before you publish or share information, so we can support IP due diligence and protection, and develop strategies for commercialisation.

Get in touch with the Commercialisation Team at the earliest opportunity.

What to expect

LSE has partnered with Oxentia, a leading global innovation management and technology commercialisation consultancy, to work within LSE to help develop our own capabilities and exploit the innovation potential of your ideas. In partnership with Oxentia, our Commercialisation Team can help and support you in a variety of ways:

At the early stage

  • With your support, review your idea, the potential IP, and evaluate the market opportunity
  • Help to market opportunities to potential customers
  • Build partnerships and/or provide training to help you accelerate your idea or thinking
  • Help you secure the early stage IP protection when it’s sensible to do so

Developing the opportunity

  • Determine, with you, the optimal route to market for your idea (licensing, spinning-out or other  approaches)
  • Find collaboration partners and support applications for translational funding from external sources
  • Support you in applying for an gaining access to LSE’s own Proof of Concept (PoC) funding, established to reduce the risk for potential partners and/or investors



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