LSE Founderships

Founderships are designed to help provide financial security for LSE entrepreneurs

The Founderships offer up to seven months of (equity-free) funding and a tailored advisory package

Generate Founderships are educational innovation grants that support LSE student and recent alumni entrepreneurs as they build their businesses.  In the knowledge that it can take up to three years to generate real business profit, that students graduate with average debts of £50,800 and that costs of living in London are much higher than other areas of the UK and Europe, our unique Founderships would allow entrepreneurs an essential opportunity to focus on market researching their ideas, engage with future users, stay closely connected with the LSE entrepreneurial ecosystem, and build a product or service that can eventually serve as a solution to the pressing global problems that we face today.  

The Founderships offer up to seven months of (equity-free) funding and a tailored advisory package  - the aim of which is to provide students with enough capital and an adequate support structure to spend a dedicated amount of time creating an enterprise that is well on the way to being investor-ready.  Students and alumni who ordinarily would have not deemed it possible to journey directly from academia to entrepreneurship find, through the Foundership, a viable and realistic path to incorporating and scaling an enterprise.  Students and alumni who are endorsed by the previous Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneurs visa and more recent Start-up Visa as well as graduates of our pre-accelerator are particularly encouraged to apply as a way of being able to focus exclusively on their projects.  The grants will however be available to all students and recent alumni at LSE.  The Founderships will consist of the following components:

  • £7000 to be used over the course of 7 months – at least 50% of the Founderships will be awarded to female-founders.
  • 1:1 monthly clinics with an LSE alumni mentor
  • Access to the LSE coworking space 3 times a week (once confirmed)
  • 2 x full-day bootcamps 
  • Monthly networking breakfasts with fellow Foundership recipients
  • Final demo day with early-stage alumni angels and investor network
  • Graduation ceremony

We will be looking for budding entrepreneurs who can demonstrate/provide:

  • A business idea at pre-revenue (or pre-external funding) stage
  • A research-heavy business canvas that can evidence market gap and growth potential.
  • A commitment to developing the business in London/UK across the 7-month duration of the Foundership.
  • Regular engagement with the Generate programme including reaching the second stage of the funding competition

You can apply for the founderships here.

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