Combat Coronavirus

Let's come together as a fab force for good!

As with anything that rocks us on a global level, what is evident is that we are all the same. We're in this together. And, even though we aren't together-together, we are never truly isolated. So, let's not retreat into our various factions, but let's come together as a fab force for good - continuing to create solutions to real-world problems. It's what you do best!

Put your incredible energies into something that is impactful, important and integrates all of your learnings at LSE into solving real-world problems

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have - for all the obvious reasons - dramatically shifted our plans for the next three months to move our focus from growth and acceleration to starters-survival, Founder wellness, and more amazing Corona-specific initiatives. Check out our:  

>  New Generate programme: SOS (Survival Opportunity Sanity)
>  Collaboration with Dare to Care Packages
>  Recently launched Corona Comp

The Generate SOS programme

Our new and interactive Generate SOS (Survival, Opportunity, Sanity) programme is all about innovating during uncertain times. This new, online, interactive platform deep-dives into three key areas:

Letter S

How to weather the storm as an entrepreneur - from remote working survival to managing cashflows and accessing Government support.

Letter O

Spotting and taking advantage of opportunities that emerge when traditional methods of business slow or stall.

Letter S

Supporting resources for entrepreneurs to maintain Founder wellness when there are fewer hard-won successes.

So now you're probably wondering...

...what we offer exactly - Well, think mindfulness for entrepreneurs, an online book club, online business simulation activity, virtual happy hours, mentoring training as well as mentoring matchmaking, and other social events.

...who it's for - It goes without saying that the platform invites all our LSE entrepreneurs to join, but additionally, it will be available for all universities to share with their students. 

...where you can find the events (and how to join) - All events will  be shown in a calendar on the SOS platform, including a registration link to join!

Dare to Care Packages

We are bursting with pride at the news that our LSE Generate entrepreneurs are smashing all three of those areas (Survival, Opportunity, and Sanity) out of the park already and have launched a joint emergency campaign that supports the most vulnerable in our community.

We have partnered up with Dare to Care Packages as they bundle together Generate-founded products - from tea to soap to chocolate products - and send them off to the elderly and immunocompromised with a beautiful, hand-written note. I can't think of a cause which is more up our street and more timely - do support this if and however you can.

Corona Comp - Win £500 and help save the world!

Over the last few days, we will have all seen the most moving and innovative expressions of compassion and support - from letter dropping campaigns and packaging up essentials to virtual dinner parties. Everyone wants to do something. And to that end, we have a call to action for you.

As part of our SOS programme, we are delighted to announce the launch of LSE Generate's Corona Comp, an invite to submit your best and most brilliant ideas on how to deal with the plethora of issues that have emerged from the arrival of this virus - whether it's a way to influence how customers shop, to help parents who have suddenly been catapulted into the role of teacher (apart from wine, that's already been invented), to introduce new ways of communicating with each other, to support testing for this thing; whatever angle you want to take, we'd love to hear from you. 

This is not going to be a 13-month, 17-stage application thing  given the pace at which the virus is moving through our communities. So, what we are asking for is a 4-slide pitch (font size 10+, not 2!) that outlines the following: 

a) the problem you try to solve, 
b) the solution, 
c) how you're gonna roll it out and, wait for it...
d) the final slide is a wildcard and up to you to use your entrepreneurial judgement to input what you think is the most useful info for the judges.

Here's the stuff you need to know: 

What When
Applications open NOW
Applications close Sun 5 April '20
We tell you who wins £500 and lots of virtual pats on the back and as many intros that we can make from our sofa Mon 13 April '20

How to apply - Whizz your ideas over to us via this link and we'll get back to you shortly. 

Who can apply - All innovative LSE students, alumni and staff members.

We will be teaming up with an army of academics, business experts, investors, mentors and political advisors so that any ideas that have the potential to become a reality and scale quickly have the right network around them to make that happen.

Last but not least...

Go, LSE! Take care of yourselves, and please do get in touch with any questions/concerns about this or anything else - our virtual doors are open, always.