Digital Skills

Improve your digital skills by joining one of the many courses we offer throughout the year for LSE Students and alumni. All specific course dates will be announced on our social media.

Learn the ins and outs of coding, AI, web design, data visualisation, and more

We run many different courses to improve your digital literacy, such as coding, AI, an introduction to Canva and many more. All course dates are announced on our social media, so make sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

In addition to our in-house organised courses, we collaborate with other departments in the School as well as external organisations to expand our offering, such as: 

  • Code First: Girls - A multi-award winning social enterprise that aims to increase the number of women in tech. They offer both beginners (CSS, HTML, Java) and Advanced (Python) classes for female and non-binary students. We have worked with Code First: Girls for many years now, and constantly receive praise and positive feedback from students on the friendliness of the tutors and the clarity of the course.

  • Digital Skills Lab (LSE) - Workshops and online self-study in areas such as Microsoft Office, web design, coding, data visualisation, and more.

  • Le WagonAs of 2019, we will be working with Le Wagon, the world’s top-ranked coding school, to offer 50 students per term access to their coding course.