Energy for Tomorrow

A social impact funding competition

LSE is helping to promote Centrica’s ‘Energy for Tomorrow’ social impact fund by organising a funding competition with a £2,000 total cash prize.

A competition focused on energy efficiency, education, and community

The competition, hosted separately by LSE, will run in parallel with EfT’s own call for applications. Winners will have the opportunity to present to EfT’s Directors for further funding up to £500,000. The competition is open to all offer holders, students, staff, graduates and alumni of LSE and applicants would need to submit a 1-minute video-recorded elevator pitch online.

The three main areas of focus for the competition are the same as EfT’s launch campaign: 

  • Energy efficiency: supporting people and communities to become more energy efficient, identifying new low carbon and clean energy tech and helping the vulnerable and fuel-poor to reduce their cost of energy. Our aim is to find and support new technologies and solutions that help people and communities become more energy efficient. 

    o    Can we identify new low carbon and clean energy tech through the campaign?
    o    Can we identify solutions that will help the vulnerable/fuel poor to reduce their cost of energy?  

  • Education: increasing people’s awareness of their energy use and finding new solutions to help them manage their energy and the associated costs better. We recognise that energy can be complex and is not a priority in most people's lives.

    o     How can we help people gain a better understanding of their energy use?
    o    Can we find new solutions to help people manage their energy and the associated costs better?

  • Community: helping communities come together to improve their energy use and work towards a lower carbon future. There are opportunities for communities to save energy and reduce carbon emissions.

    o     How can we identify these initiatives and is there an opportunity to partner?
       Can we support with scaling these initiatives to other communities?
    o    Can we partner with other organisations to enhance the grant awarded?

What we're looking for

We're looking for innovators with businesses that can demonstrate the following:

The Business

>  They have a clear social mission
>  They have a sustainable business model
>  Priority will be given to innovators from a diverse background

The Solution*

>  Helps to reduce carbon emissions
>  Helps people to understand their energy use and see how they can use it in a different way
>  Helps communities to use energy more sustainably and delivers positive impacts to the local area
>  Targets hard to reach groups

* Need to demonstrate one or more of the above.


The application process

Applications should be submitted as a 1-minute video accompanied by an application form.

  • The 1-minute video can be in any style and should clearly articulate the product and the social impact it will have.

  • A standard application form should be completed which will ask for the following information:
    o    Project Overview
    o    Amount of grant required
    o    Background to social/environmental issue
    o    Strategic plan for grant funding
    o    Intended impact
    o    Other partners
    o    Other support required from Centrica

The competition will run from 3 April to 29 May, and you can apply via this link.

Want to be involved?

The funding competition includes a voter’s choice award. Entries will be uploaded here, then you will be able to vote for the one that you believe is the most innovative. The winner of the voter’s choice award will receive £500 and will have an opportunity to present to the Board of Directors.

To find out more about Energy for Tomorrow, click here or contact Sarah Wright at