Knowledge Exchange & Impact Strategy Group KEISG

KEISG is a subcommittee of Research Committee, who’s primary responsibility is to make awards from the School’s HEIF allocation (Higher Education Innovation Fund), itself intended to support and develop knowledge-based interactions between universities and the wider world, resulting in economic and social benefit to the UK.

October 2017
16 Mon 13:00 32L.1.05 KEISG
February 2018
05 Thu 13:00 32L.1.05 KEISG
June 2018
4 Mon 13:00 32L.1.05 KEISG


Membership of KEISG will be based on experience and knowledge of KEI with no more than two thirds of the Group selected from within the School and one third selected from external research users. Length of term for the Chair and all other members will normally be no more than three years.

  • Professor Tony Travers (Chair)  
  • Professor Julia Black
  • Professor Tim Newburn
  • Professor Robin Mansell
  • Professor Conor Gearty
  • Adrian Thomas
  • Simon Flemington
  • David Coombe
  • Kate Jenkins
  • Anne Lapping
  • Dr Tina Basi (Secretary)

Terms of reference

1.  The Knowledge Exchange and Impact Strategy Group (KEISG) shall be responsible for developing strategies and activities to encourage, facilitate and monitor knowledge exchange at the LSE consistent with the School’s commitments to research excellence and to engagement with the wider world.

2.  KEISG shall be responsible for developing strategies and activities to encourage, facilitate and monitor the impact of research conducted at LSE on non-academic users including policy makers, industry, civil society organizations and the wider public:

a)  KEISG shall seek to ensure that knowledge exchange and impact strategy and activities are coordinated in a way that supports high-quality research, the attraction of research funding including success in HEFCE research assessment exercises, and that broadens the impact and reputation of the School and its research;

b)  The Group shall be responsible for advising on and recommending to the Pro-Director for Research as Chair of Research Committee the academic strategy for the use of funding for which the School is accountable, which in turn will make recommendations to APRC;

c)  In particular, the Group shall be responsible for making awards and receiving reports from the HEIF5 bid fund and from the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account. 

Mode of Operation

KEISG shall meet termly or more frequently as required.  KEISG is a working group of the Research Committee.  It shall operate under the strategic direction of the Research Committee to which they shall report on an annual basis or more frequently as the Research Committee requires and to which they can make recommendations