LSE Excellence in Education Promotion Prizes

Excellence in Education Promotion Prizes are given to faculty who make a significant educational contribution to LSE, and as a result have been promoted to Professor and (via Major Review) Associate Professor.

Below are the 2022 Promotion Award winners.

Promotion to Professor

Dr Wicher Bergsma, Statistics

Dr Robert Falkner, International Relations

Dr Leigh Gardner, Economic History

Dr Alex Gillespie, Psychological and Behavioural Science

Dr Suzanne Hall, Sociology

Dr Bingchun Meng, Media and Communications

Dr Michael Scott, Anthropology

Dr Taylor Sherman, International History

Promotion to Associate Professor

Dr Frederic Basso, Psychological and Behavioural Science

Dr Jacob Breslow, Gender Studies

Dr Yining Chen, Statistics

Dr Rebecca Elliott, Sociology

Dr James Morrison, International Relations

Dr Nicholas Sage, Law

Dr Sara Salem, Sociology

2021 promotions

Promotion to Professor

Dr Catherine Allerton, Anthropology

Dr Sumi Madhok, Gender Studies

Dr Jo Braithwaite, Law

Dr Lee Edwards, Media and Communications

Dr Sam Friedman, Sociology

Dr Luitgard Veraart, Mathematics

Sarah Paterson, Law

Dr Olivier Accominotti, Economic History

Dr Anthony Best, International History

Dr Daniel Gottlieb, Management

Dr Dirk Jenter, Finance

Dr Kai Moeller, Law

Dr Alpa Shah, Anthropology

Dr Johannes Spinnewijn, Economics

Promotion to Associate Professor

Dr Kasia Paprocki, Geography and Environment

Dr Jean-Christophe Plantin, Media and Communications

Dr Amanda Sheely, Social Policy

Dr Imaobong Umoren, International History

Dr Clare Wenham, Health Policy

Dr David Hendry, Methodology

Dr Omar McDoom, Government

Dr Neil Oliver, Mathematics

Dr Abenaa Owusu-Bempah, Law

Dr Gagan Sood, International History

Dr Abigail Innes. European Institute

Dr Ania Plomien, Gender Studies

2020 promotions

Promotion to Professor

Dr Mathijs Pelkmans, Anthropology

Dr Neil Lee, Geography and Environment

Dr Jonathan Hopkin, Government

Dr Shakuntala Banaji, Media and Communications

Dr Coretta Phillips, Social Policy

Promotion to Associate Professor

Dr Huseyin Naci, Health Policy

Dr Joseph Spooner, Law

Dr Andrew Summers, Law

Dr Seeta Gangadharan, Media and Communications

Dr Johanna Thoma, Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method

2019 promotions

Promotions to Professor

Dr Ellen Helsper, Media and Communications

Dr Shani Orgad, Media and Communications

Dr Johannes Ruf, Mathematics

Dr Waltraud Schelkle, European Institute

Promotions to Associate Professor

Dr Ilka Gleibs, Psychological and Behavioural Science

Dr Alisdair Jones, Methodology

Dr Nicholas Long, Anthropology

Dr David Motadel, International History

Dr Leticia Sabsay, Gender