Inclusive Education Action Plan

The Inclusive Education Action Plan was introduced in the 2019/2020 academic year based on research conducted on Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) student experiences at LSE. This work is led by the Eden Centre and headed by Dr Akile Ahmet, and supported by graduate intern, Francesca Humi. In its first year of implementation, we are focusing on developing and transforming academic mentoring at LSE. To this effect, we have been carrying out consultations, workshops, and surveys on how academic mentoring is implemented at the department-level. In the Lent Term, we will be conducting long-table discussions with students to support our review of academic mentoring-related resources, including the Academic Mentoring Portal.

Alongside this work we are hosting the “Thinking about Decolonising” seminar series, which showcases departmental work and fosters conversations on decolonial possibilities at the School. The first in the series was led by Dr Shakuntala Banaji on decolonising curricula in the Department of Media and Communications. We will be organising more sessions in the Lent and Summer terms. Please check this page and the Eden Centre Twitter for updates.

Relevant resources and research can be found below:

Inclusive Education Action Plan

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Inclusive Roadmap v4

Related events

The Eden Centre is hosting a series of seminars and workshops in 2019/20 entitled ‘Thinking about Decolonising’. The seminars will provide a principled space to discuss the importance of decolonising at the LSE, and what decolonising 'means' in an academic context.