Hear from your colleagues about their Future Ways of Working experience

I was initially a bit anxious about the transition, however, I see a lot of benefits now

sophie cope

Sophie Cope

Alumni Executive for Students and Recent Graduates
Philanthropy and Global Engagement

You've been part of the pilot for Future Ways of Working in Clement House - what has your experience been like so far?

It’s been brilliant so far. LSE Philanthropy and Global Engagement (PAGE) has always been a very social and collaborative division, so when I’m on campus it’s fantastic to see colleagues and regain some of that community feel. Hot-desking via the new booking app means I can mix it up and sit next to people I wouldn’t normally see that often. It’s been a great way to pick up new ideas and hear about projects from across the division. I think having the flexibility to not always be on campus has been very important though. I find I really need the days at home now to get on with focused work and to take the edge off the commute.

What do you like most about your new working environment/work pattern?

For me being able to spend some days on campus has been very beneficial to my mental health. I feel more able to ‘switch off’ at the end of the day and recover some work / life balance. Aside from that, after such a long time working just on my laptop I’m very much appreciating having two big screens in the office – it feels like I’m at the cinema!


jonathan ing

Jonathan Ing
Design Manager
Communications Division

How often are you in on-campus and how have you found being back? 

I'll be in twice a week once we have moved into our new office space next month. I love seeing friends and colleagues when I am in, which feels really good!


Barbara Moldowa

Barbara Moldawa

Estates Project Manager
Estates Division

How has your experience of blended working been so far? 

I have been part of the pilot for the Future Ways of Working in Clement House, and it’s been a good experience so far for me personally. I found that the flexibility helps me to be more effective in my role. No two days are the same and being able to work on campus, undertake site visits and have face to face meetings is as important as being able do more focused work at home.

I have never experienced hot-desking before and I was initially a bit anxious about the transition, however, I see a lot of benefits of it now. While my team tend to book desks in the same part of the allocated neighbourhood area, having the flexibility to switch desks facilitates collaboration and enables us to pick a space which is most suitable for the tasks planned for a given day. Since the transition, I have reduced the amount of printing enormously and finally got rid of all the clutter.

What advice would you give to colleagues who are moving towards blended working? 

Be open minded about it. I was extremely sceptical about hot-desking but changed my mind after giving it a go.

Have you enjoyed being back on campus? 

Absolutely. I do enjoy seeing my colleagues in person and I think the fact that my team shares one day on campus together is a great idea. I also think it is important for wellbeing to be able change work environment. I don’t have particularly fond memories of only being able to work at my desk at home.


andrew young

Andrew Young

Chief Operating Officer
School Management Committee

Why is it important for staff to take part in the Blended Working Development Programme and what do you think people will gain from it? 

As I’ve said we are all learning how to make this work for us individually and for the School. It’s important that we are all approaching this from within the same framework, that we properly understand the opportunities and the boundaries to what we can do and develop the good habits that will make the permanent transition a success. This Blended Working Development Programme helps us all do that, keeping us all on the same page and working together. Of course there is much to learn for all of us, particularly managers and the programme has some great advice on how you can achieve great output in a blended working format.


stella ekebuisi

Stella Ekebuisi

Head, Digital Education Futures and Deputy Director
Eden Centre for Education Enhancement

How did you find adapting to working in 2020 and 2021? Any advice? 

I was actually on maternity leave when the country went into lockdown in 2020 and was dealing with the peculiar challenge of being homebound with a 7-week old and a 2-year old. Returning to work a year ago, albeit completely from home, was a relief! To be honest, I’ve struggled with carving out down-time whilst working from home and have a tendency to sit at my desk in back-to-back online meetings for hours. Now I am back on campus a few days a week, I value the forced down-time created by the journey to and from work. My advice would be to create opportunities to spend time away from the screen, and get outside for a walk or some exercise everyday.  


catherine higham

Catherine Higham

Climate Change Laws of the World Coordinator
Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment

What makes you feel part of LSE?

As a remote joiner during the pandemic it’s been hard to get a full sense of everything going on at LSE but when I have had the opportunity, I’ve loved talking to people from across the university to understand all the different ways of thinking and working that colleagues are developing.