Making the most out of our collaborative workspaces

We want you to feel empowered and prepared to use our newly designed spaces on campus. Our refurbished areas offer a range of diverse environments, whether working independently or in a team, we have a space specific to your need. Below you can learn more about the spaces we have, how to identify which one is best suited to you, and helpful tips on etiquette when using them.

Our newly refurbished buildings and spaces

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  • Pankhurst House (4th – 7th floor)
  • Clement House (4th – 6th floor)
  • Lionel Robbins Building (LRB 5th Floor) *Coming soon*

Which space works best for my needs?

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First identify what you will need the space for. Is it a regular catch up with a colleague or a brainstorming session with some team members working remotely? Once you know the purpose, you can choose which of our spaces best fulfil your needs. Below you can see what each of our spaces looks like and how they can be used.

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Meeting Rooms

Best for confidential meetings, large group meetings, and lively interactive discussions.

*TipMake use of the technology, space and equipment in these rooms and hold hybrid meetings, brainstorms, or workshops. 

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Best for ad hoc chats or work and semi-private discussions

*Tip* Booths are great way to catch up with a team member or for quiet discussions in a small group. It is important to remember that as they are not completely closed off, strictly confidential discussion should be saved for meeting rooms.

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Best for ad hoc chats or work, semi-private discussions, and independent work

*Tip* Pods are useful for semi-private discussions with a team member in person or virtually.They are great for unplanned calls or confidential conversations, when you just need some privacy.

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Collaboration Areas

Best for workshops, teamwork, presentations, personal discussions, informal chats

*Tip* Why not use these spaces for a regular team stand up or a casual coffee and tea break with your colleagues?

shared desk

Quiet Spaces

Best for auditing and quiet independent work

*Tip* If you’re working towards an impending deadline or otherwise need to get some much-needed work done, find a quiet space and concentrate without any distractions.


If you are coming onto campus to work throughout the day you will need to book a desk unless you have a designated workstation due to special requirements.