Setting up the technology for hybrid meetings


When should we be using hybrid meeting rooms on campus? As we work in a blended way on and off campus, hybrid meetings help us to continue working in a collaborative way regardless of our location. More and more meeting rooms have been set up with specific technology to help you run them successfully.

*New guideHow to use your laptop and tech in our new hybrid workspaces

Good examples of meetings which suit a hybrid format include:

  • All department/division meetings
  • Training sessions
  • Team days/away days

Our DTS team will walk you through the steps to get your technology set up for a hybrid meeting. Instructional video on how to set up a hybrid meeting

How to set up a hybrid meeting How to set up a hybrid meeting
Our DTS team walk you through the steps to get your tech set up for a hybrid meeting

Tips on using the technology

If you want to use your laptop with the Polycom (video conferencing system) in the meeting room, there are a few options:

  • If the Polycom has a USB lead, plug that directly into your laptop, then when you open Zoom (or Teams), you should be able to find that camera
  • Zoom – in start/stop video options you can choose a camera. See if Polycom is there (or whichever camera type is used in that room). You can also access the Polycom by combining the Room PC and your laptop.
  • Microsoft Teams – click and hold the camera icon to get the option to choose a camera
  • Start your Zoom meeting as usual on your laptop
  • Also – join your Zoom meeting on the computer / TV in the room
  • You will most likely do this by logging in to Zoom meetings, and find your scheduled meeting, and join
  • Now: You are going to use the Polycom via the TV/Computer, but share your materials from your laptop
  • On your laptop, mute the mic, turn the speakers all the way down, and turn off your camera. This means participants will see and hear you via the Polycom.
  • Now when you share your screen on your laptop, you can see on the TV how it looks.
  • AND remember to look at the Polycom camera when talking, not the laptop camera! Last point… it is a lot harder to visualise without the equipment – so I recommend just trying this out! Find a room with a Polycom, set up a fake meeting with a colleague, and see if it works (it does!).