Timeline for activity

Colleagues from across our community in Estates, Human Resources, Data and Technology Services, Communications, Business  Improvement Unit, and the Directorate have been working behind the scenes to deliver the ambitious Future Ways of Working project.

Below is a timeline of activity, subject to change depending on local circumstances. For questions about how this may affect your work, your team, or your division, please contact your line or office manager.

a table of activities related to the Future Ways of Working programme at LSE
TimeframeActivities across LSE

Michaelmas Term 2021

Colleagues are consulted on their IT requirements, redecoration, furniture, DTS equipment, space use and etiquette throughout the term

DTS sets up new equipment across our School, including a desk booking system. This is then implemented in Clement House before being rolled out across our School

New furniture is ordered and delivered

Extended Education is relocated

Pankhurst House and Queens House staff are asked to prepare for relocation and review central storage space needs

LSE relinquishes 95 Aldwych

Monitoring and feedback starts for activities which happened over Michaelmas Term

Blended Working guidance is reviewed at the end of the year

Lent Term 2022

Clement House space proposal is refined

New space settings are set up and furniture continues to arrive

New IT equipment is set up in the shared areas

Consultation starts with the Lionel Robbins and Aldwych House Divisions about the implementation of blended working in their teams

Leaders review Blended Working guidance and engage with their teams

Lionel Robbins Building and Aldwych occupiers prepare for relocation and review central storage space needs

Monitoring and feedback continues

Internal relocations in Pankhurst House for LSE Research & Innovation and Academic Registrar’s Division, and relocation of Communications Division into the building

Clement House changes are reviewed and implemented from ongoing staff feedback

Colleagues in Pankhurst House are asked for feedback on their shared spaces and ways of working

Directorate implements blended working

LSE relinquishes Queens House

Summer Term 2022

Programme board review activities so far

Divisions are moved from the 3rd floor of Aldwych 

LSE relinquishes the 3rd floor of Aldwych House

Ongoing monitoring and staff feedback consultations continue