Wellbeing events 2019

Summer term wellbeing 
What's on?

It’s not just our bodies that need wellbeing prioritised, it’s our minds too.  Often, we forget - there is no health without mental health.  So, let’s row with both oars during June and beyond by taking steps to keep both our mental health and physical fitness on our wellbeing radars.

Throughout June, we are opening the conversation for everyone to talk about mental health so take a moment to look at what we have in store. 

The Orchard Project - volunteer for a day

Come and volunteer this summer with The Orchard Project - a community charity that is dedicated to orchards. We'll be spending the day helping them label their famous cider made from their apples!

Want to volunteer, but not sure what it's like? Scared you won't have the time commitment? Then a one-off volunteering session is perfect for you to get a taster of volunteering. The LSE Volunteer Centre would like to invite you to give your time to a great cause, make some new friends and learn a new skill!

The Orchard Project is the only national charity dedicated solely to the creation, restoration and celebration of community orchards. Volunteers will be helping to label their 2017 vintage cider affectionately named Local Fox. The cider is made the traditional way from apples that would have otherwise gone to waste. Volunteers will not only be helping our but you will have a chance to learn about setting up a social enterprise and how we can address environmental problems such as food waste.

It will be a fun day with music, snacks, drinks and good company. There will be some manual labour involved to move the bottles around which you can opt in or out of. Please wear warm clothes as the arch can get pretty chilly as is without heating.

When and Where?

Tuesday 4 June - 10am - 3pm

The cider house is 10 minutes by foot from Blackhorse Road. 

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Brain training 

Over the past 10 years mindfulness has grown rapidly in popularity and is now offered in schools, hospitals and in organisations as diverse as Google and the UK Houses of Parliament.

Mindfulness can help you focus on the present moment and give you the resources to better manage challenges in life.

This short session has been designed to give you a taster of what it is and how you can practice it. You don’t need any prior experience and you don’t need to do any preparation or reading before coming.

When? and Where?

Thursday 13 June 1pm-1.30pm - LRB.5.22

Wednesday 19 June 1pm-1.30pm - LRB.5.22

Wednesday 26 June 1pm-1.30pm - in LSE Life WS2.LRB

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Wellbeing - What’s out there?

What is this wellbeing stuff and where does it fit in at work? 

LSE is keen to support staff in many ways but often our busy schedules mean that these initiatives don’t get further than our “to do list”. 

Why not come along and find out more about wellbeing and how it could benefit and support you (or your team) at work. We would also love to hear your ideas for building and developing resilience.  

This session will give you an overview of wellbeing available at LSE with some take away points on how to improve the wellbeing of yourself and others.

When? Where?

Tuesday, 4 June 1pm - 2pm


Thursday 27 June 12pm - 1pm

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Sleep well

This workshop will look at a range of difficulties associated with sleep and aims to increase your understanding of the process of sleep, exploring strategies and ideas about how you might work towards achieving better sleep. 


Wednesday, 19 June 12pm - 1pm



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Understanding anxiety

What is anxiety?  Often its hard to understand and explain.

At times those who experience anxiety may wonder what’s the point whether they can do anything about managing anxiety?

This workshop helps to secure a better understanding of anxiety and offer options for managing it and supporting those around us who may experience anxiety.


Monday 24 June, 1pm - 2pm



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The benefits of volunteering

Volunteering is a fantastic way to boost your mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Making a difference, meeting new people and even escaping work and home by immersing ourselves in something completely different are all ways in which we feel better.

Join David Coles, the LSE Volunteer Centre Manager, at this session to discuss how volunteering can improve mental health and the options that are available to LSE staff


Wednesday 12 June 1pm - 2pm



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Mindfulness - guided meditation at LSE's Faith Centre

The LSE Faith Centre runs innovative wellbeing events all of the LSE community. 

This mindfulness session is just one of the classes that the Faith Centre run year around, (along with Tai Chi, Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga).

If you haven’t already, take a moment to visit their new home on the 2nd floor to the Saw Swee Hock, it’s a great space for staff and students to enjoy!


Every Monday (during term time only), 12pm - 1pm 


Faith Centre, 2nd floor of Saw Swee Hock

No need to book - all welcome

Fitness First - Open week 10 - 14 June

The School has discounted corporate partnership rates to Fitness First which provides use of all 5-10 tier gyms (including Waldorf and Holborn branches near campus), a personal training session on joining, unlimited fitness classes and use of health suite facilitates (where available).

To support our staff wellbeing this Summer Fitness First are throwing open their doors, inviting all staff to try out their facilities and classes for free!

No need to book in advance, just contact staffwellbeing@lse.ac.uk for your e-pass along with your staff ID card for access and contact either Holborn or Waldorf branches for details on how to book and try out their great range of classes.


Monday 10 June – Friday 14 June


Holborn and Waldorf branches

We hope you enjoy and would love feedback which can be sent to staffwellbeing@lse.ac.uk