Statement on fees

The value of an LSE degree will not alter, regardless of the format of your learning

As a key pillar of LSE’s 2030 strategy, we are committed to equipping students with the knowledge, skills and experiences to enable their intellectual, personal and professional development throughout their time at the School – from high-quality teaching and learning to future opportunities as part of our alumni community. This, alongside our community’s safety, remains our top priority. 

We are confident that throughout Michaelmas Term we have provided a high-quality learning experience which will continue into Lent Term, with staff across LSE going to great lengths to achieve this using their time, expertise, creativity and School resources. We successfully provided more face-to-face social science teaching for students who were able to come to London than peer institutions in the UK, giving students the chance to learn from academic staff and interact with peers in-person. This experience was mirrored for those whose circumstance meant they studied online, with a mix of interactive activities directed by faculty to allow students to connect, share ideas and engage in LSE’s rich education and research culture. 

By shifting our mode of delivery in Lent Term, we are continuing to adapt our education offer in the changed circumstances while protecting students and staff. We took the decision based on government guidance and because we wanted to give clarity and certainty to our community, particularly in consideration of international students who had to make decisions about travel. But we remain fully committed to providing the best teaching and education experience possible. 

Online activities that usually take place in person have been successfully implemented digitally, investing in new technology and additional academic staff hires to deliver this. Enhanced learning opportunities have also been developed to ensure that students are able to learn effectively and connect with members of our scholarly community across the world. We will continue to develop high-quality online learning opportunities throughout Lent Term and beyond, to provide a challenging and rewarding experience. We saw an outstanding response and commitment from both staff and students to continue to collaborate, grow and learn last term, and we are sure this will continue. Support and services such as LSE LIFE workshops and one-to-oneswellbeing services and  academic support all continue to be available digitally, as are opportunities via LSE CareersStudent Futures and in departments.  

Due to the measures outlined above, which we have put in place to ensure  high-quality education can continue, we will not be offering a fee reduction for students. Our position is in line with the conditions set out by the UK Universities Minister that need to be met to maintain tuition fees. The Office for Students has also put additional checks in place to ensure we maintain quality, which we are fully complying with. Alongside these checks, we are working as part of the Russell Group on an ongoing basis to influence the government on behalf of our students. It’s important to note, too, that the value of your degree will not alter, regardless of the format of your learning.

We recognise that some students in our community are facing additional COVID-19 related financial difficulties. LSE has funding available to help students in need of financial support due to COVID-19, and information about how to apply for this is available online. The Fees, Income and Credit Control Office is running drop-in sessions and one-to-one appointments throughout Lent Term if students need support with fees or payments. The LSE Students’ Union can also provide funds for students in need of financial support

If students wish to raise specific issues related to fees or funding, LSE’s student complaints procedure outlines how to proceed with a complaint.