Christmas in the SDR

Festive food, cava and gifts

A festive feast to be shared with friends and colleagues

Christmas Lunch table settingEvery year in the last week of Michaelmas Term, the Staff Dining Room runs Christmas lunches. In 2021 this will be on 3 days: 7, 8 and 9 December.

Bookings must be made for lunch on these days. It can be busy as often teams will take this opportunity to celebrate Christmas together. Bookings should be made via Aga Basza on 020 7955 7821. Reservations are filled on a first-come-first-served basis.

More information can be found on the catering webpages in December. 

Cava in the Queue

The SCR provides cava to all those who attend the Christmas lunches, on behalf of the Committee. One glass per person is provided as you enter the SDR and queue for lunch. Orange juice is also available. These complimentary drinks are available for members and non-members alike. 

Christmas Box

Annually SCR members contribute to fund a "Christmas Box", from which gifts are made to the porters and catering staff of the School.

Contributions are deducted by Payroll, in the usual way, from salaries payable in December. SCR members will pay a double subscription in December in order to fund this. If members do not wish to contribute, they can email Payroll  in advance of the payroll deadline for December and ask to be exempt.

Those in receipt of the fund are very grateful, and it is a lovely way to thank them for all they do throughout the year.