Online Store for Staff

Selling safely and securely


The implementation of the School's new finance system, OneFinance will not impact on the service of the Online Store. The Store will continue to operate as it does currently.

Please note: You will no longer be able to submit tickets via the IssueTrak platform from July 29th 2019. All tickets will need to be submitted via the Finance Divisions new Helpdesk 

You can continue to submit Online Store requests and any other queries you may have via the Helpdesk enquiry form.

What is the store ?

The Store has been designed to allow any area of the School to generate income and sales by providing a simple easy to follow process which captures all the data needed to offer an item for booking or sale, ensure requirements such as VAT, budgetary control, customer service levels and online fraud protection are met and comply with all required standards.

Key features of the Store to facilitate these objectives include:

  • Simple product setup process
  • Budget code and VAT validation
  • Dedicated Finance Team managing requests and enquiries
  • One to One consultations

Once payments have been made, the Store generates a series of confirmation emails to the purchaser, the nominated contact in the School department and Online Store team. The sales notification emails are confirmation that the payment has been made and credited to your budget account within 24 hours.

Read the Online Store - LSE Staff User Guide and Procedures and follow the steps outlined within this document which will guide you through the the entire process. If you have any questions please submit an enquiry via our Helpdesk.

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The Online Store can be used to sell any product or service you currently offer to your customers 24 hours a day online. We have found that some of the benefits of using the store are:

  • Reduced Cash handling Taking the payment online using secure payment services and funds are credited to your budget codes by the following day.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction Allowing customers use an online payment system to order and pay for products/services from anywhere around the world 24/7.
  • PCI DSS Compliant LSE Online Store offers a PCI DSS compliant solution, thus reducing the requirement to handle and retain credit card information manually or electronically. If you would like more information, please go to PCI DSS or contact one of the Online Store support staff.
  • Improved Efficiency LSE Online Store can help reduce the amount of time spent on managing sales of products and services. Also, there are comprehensive reports are available as an Store administrator.


The Support model for the Online Store is divided into three key areas:

  • FICC Group: Responsible for refunds, product and event setups, administration & maintenance and communication. FICC manage the relationship with the internal customers, so Departments, Divisions and Centres.
  • Finance Systems: Responsible for security, interfaces, system fixes, upgrades and technical troubleshooting.
  • LSE Staff requesting Store services: You play a part in the successful launch and support of your product/conference.

For a full overview of support and responsibilities see the Online Store user guide

How to submit a request

You can request a product placement on the Online Store by completing an Online Store Toolkit and submitting request via Helpdesk

Finance Helpdesk

You must use the VAT Toolkit to determine liablity prior to submitting your request.

To request access to WPM (For reporting purposes) you should download FORM A - User-Request-Form v1.2 and submit via Finance Helpesk

Once you have submitted your request the Finance Division will review and build the item. Your will be required to submit FORM-B-Online Store-sign-off-form before the product is made live.

To cancel and request an invoice please download FORM C - Order-cancellation v1.2 and submit via Finance Helpdesk

If you require any edits to your product after it has been made live you will be required to submit FORM-D-Online Store Change-Request-Form via Finance Helpdesk

From August 1st 2019 you will be required to submit Online Store requests via the Finance Division Helpdesk in Salesforce