CDR Forms

Record your progress

We've provided a form to help you and your line manager to record progress during the CDR cycle. You can work on the form throughout the year and then finalise it after your end of year review meeting. Once you have finalised the form, you should upload it to MyView to have a permanent record of your review.  Please note that forms should no longer be uploaded to SharePoint. 

As of November 2023 we have amalgamated the objectives setting form, the personal development plan and the progress review forms into one form. You can find this below. 

We've also provided an example form with an example objective and explanations for each section. This is linked below and you'll notice the form also contains links to short videos to further guide you through the process.

The standard CDR form 

The standard CDR form an example with explanations and videos

The consolidated CDR process form*

The consolidated CDR process form* with examples and videos

*This version of the form is used for roles where standards vary little year on year and should be agreed for use with your line manager. If your role is not like this, you should continue to use the standard form. 

As part of your CDR, especially leading into your end of year review, you may wish to get feedback from colleagues and stakeholders you work with to help undertsand your strengths and areas for development. If you would like access to an online tool where you can gain anonymous feedback as part of a personalised report with development suggestions, please contact us at and we can get you set up.