The half year check in meeting

What’s my half-year check in meeting?

This meeting is very similar in scope to your end of year review meeting, but the focus is slightly different. The half year meeting focuses on both what has happened and on adjustments, goals and support for the rest of the year. The end of year meeting naturally wraps up the year and documents progress, development and both parties’ thoughts formally on the CDR form.

The half year check in should happen in around February or March and should look at what progress has been made against objectives, what objectives might need amending or tweaking, knowing what you now know and what further development support might be needed.

You can get some examples of the type of discussion you should be having in your mid-year check in in the video below. 


The mid-year check in meeting The mid-year check in meeting
Click on the video to see some examples of the type of things you should discuss in the half year meeting. Captions are enabled.

There is space on the CDR forms for you to document your discussion. You can see this on the standard CDR form in the image below. 

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