About us

We are responsible for leading and coordinating planning processes across the School.

The Director of Planning reports directly to the Pro-Director (Planning and Resources).

We aim to provide advice, support and information to enable senior management to take decisions that are in the best interests for the future of the School. We also assist in the resolution of some sensitive high-level planning issues.

We produce papers for School bodies and provides a range of data to meet internal and external reporting requirements.

Working hours

Our standard opening hours are 09:30-17:30, Monday-Friday.

Our Remit

The Planning Division pursues objectives across five inter-related areas of activity:

i) Academic Planning and Policy

Considering academic policy issues with resources implications for the School, reviewing departmental activity, student targets and student-related issues to ensure they are in line with school plans and facilitating new teaching initiatives.

ii) Management Information and Data Quality

Producing data in support of decision making and planning activities, completing official returns and promoting data quality.

iii) Resource Planning

Informing the allocation of resources and setting appropriate fee levels.

iv) Strategic Planning

Co-ordinating the formation of plans to guide the overall direction of the School and its sub-units.

v) Governance of the Planning Division

Managing the staff and resources available to the Planning Division.

Team roles and contact information


Wayne Tatlow
 - Director of Planning

I am accountable for all aspects of strategic planning, resource allocation and management information undertaken by the Planning Division.

Email - w.n.tatlow@lse.ac.uk
Telephone - 020 7955 7407

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Sarah Miller
 - Head of Planning

Email - s.j.miller@lse.ac.uk
Telephone - 020 7107 5398

I am responsible for managing the School’s Annual Monitoring process on behalf of the Pro-Directors, including defining the process, preparing briefing information, as well as resource modelling. I manage the work of the Academic Planning and Resources Committee and oversee the management of its sub-groups, including the Student Numbers and Fees Group and the Executive MSc Sub-group, as well as the Major Academic Initiatives process. I am responsible for developing the School’s policy and procedures relating to resource planning and allocation, student and staff number planning and the monitoring and Review of Academic Departments. I lead on the work relating to the size and shape of the School, including assessing areas for investment and disinvestment as part of the Annual Monitoring and Department Review processes and through the development and monitoring of programme viability indicators and scores. I also manage the fee charging strategy for the School.

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Sarah Hagart - 
Head of Management Information

I lead on the development of the institutional Management Information strategy negotiating shared high quality data resources across the School and managing the development of management information reporting across the School and within the Division.

Email - s.l.hagart@lse.ac.uk
Telephone - 020 3486 2831


Gary Barclay
 - Planning Officer

I am responsible for supporting aspects of resource allocation that the Division carries out - including the establishment element of cash staffing budgets; departmental allocations; APRC Sickness Contingency Fund allocations; and replacement teaching compensation - and information management responsibilities, including co-ordination of data and documentation for international and national league tables; dealing with HESA data requests; and key performance indicator data collection. I am also a lead contact for HESA's Heidi Plus service, co-ordinate the annual HE-BCI survey to HESA and, from 2018-19, act as the reserve facilitator for Major Academic Initiatives that are teaching related.

Email - g.j.barclay@lse.ac.uk
Telephone - 020 7955 7948

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Evert Nivari 
- Planning Officer (Policy and Review) 

I am responsible for supporting the processes of academic planning and resource allocation within the School, primarily through managing the work of the Academic Planning and Resources Committee (APRC) and its subsidiary working groups.

Email - e.a.nivari@lse.ac.uk
Telephone - 020 7955 7033

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Ellen Austin 
- Education and Student Experience Analyst 

I work with the Head of Management Information to lead on analyses of School data to inform our work around education and the student experience. I scope, produce and facilitate analyses to support the School's progress in relation to statutory requirements and LSE 2030, as well as working with colleagues across the School to identify other areas where additional insight could help us evaluate, understand or improve our offer to our students.

Email - E.Austin@lse.ac.uk
Telephone - 020 7107 5695

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Emily Jackson
- Assistant Planning Officer (Policy and Review)

I support a number of work areas relating to resource planning and review; Annual Monitoring of academic departments; and policy and strategy formation. I am Secretary of the Student Numbers and Fees (SNAF) and the Executive MSc Sub-Groups of LSE's Academic Planning and Resources Committee.

Email - E.Jackson2@lse.ac.uk
Telephone - 020 7955 6517

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Indy Jagdev
 - Assistant Planning Officer

I undertake analyses of student and staff data, write reports and provide support to colleagues relating to the provision of management information, review processes, resource allocation, policy formation and strategy.

Email - i.jagdev@lse.ac.uk
Telephone - 020 7955 7520

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Zoe Saleh
 - Assistant Planning Officer (Management Information)

I work with the Head of Management Information on the provision and presentation of management information and data to colleagues across the School and within the Planning Division.

Email - z.saleh@lse.ac.uk
Telephone - 020 7955 7018