Health & Safety and Travel News and Updates

UPDATE on Travel September 2022

Now that international travel restrictions have largely been lifted, the LSE has adopted the following approach to permitted travel.

 1  All travellers must submit an online Notification to Travel before they travel.

2  The Health and Safety Team will let travellers know if they are required to complete Risk Assessments for their travel. Normally, short business trips to countries rated as Low risk by the insurers will not require a risk assessment. Travel to countries or areas rated as High or Extreme by the insurers requires risk assessment. Travel to Moderate risk countries is judged on a case by case basis. The Health and Safety Team will advise if a Risk Identification Form is required. The appropriate processes must be completed before a trip is agreed and the insurance certificate is issued.

3  Anyone considering travel to the following sanctioned countries will be required to undertake sanctions checks and complete a sanctions Form before the insurers will approve cover. With the exception of Cuba, SMC approval is required for travel to any of these countries. The specific sanctioned countries are:


Crimea & Sevastopol



North Korea


South Sudan




4  SMC will consider approving travel to countries or parts of countries which have FCDO advisories “against all but essential travel” only where there is a strong reason, and subject to the assessment of risk. Risk assessments for travel to such areas must be sent to Health and Safety a month before the intended departure date.