Health and Safety Assurance Committee

The Health and Safety Assurance Committee is a standing Committee of Council.

It is responsible for monitoring the School’s health and safety performance and the development and delivery of strategic health and safety objectives. 


Terms of Reference


Lay Governor (Council Members) x2 – one of whom is Chair

Lay Governors x4

Academic Board nominees x2

Secretary: Health and Safety Adviser

In attendance:

Chair of the Health and Safety Management Committee, Head of Health and Safety, Fire Safety Adviser and the LSESU Chief Operating Officer.


Three members including the Chair.

Frequency of meetings:

At least once a year.

1. Responsibilities delegated to the Committee by Council

1.1. To monitor the level of assurance that may be had that the School is compliant with allhealth & safety regulations and follows good practice in all aspects of health and safety, soensuring that the members of Council fulfil their legal obligations.

1.2. To monitor the implementation of the School's safety policy and progress being made toachieve the strategic objectives and key performance indicators.

1.3. To monitor the operation of the School's Safety Management System.

2. Authority to take decisions

2.1. None

3. Authority to make recommendations to the Council

3.1. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Council concerning any identifiedassurance risks.

4. Reporting requirements

4.1. The Committee minutes shall be circulated to the Council.

4.2. The Committee shall respond to any requests for information initiated by the Council.

5. Review

5.1. The Committee shall review their terms of reference each academic year and shallrecommend any changes for the following academic year to the Council for considerationin the Summer term.

5.2. The Committee shall undertake a self-assessment review of its effectiveness once everythree years.


Alastair Da Costa

Lay Govenor – Council Member (Chair)


Lay Govenor – Council Member

Victor Adebowale

Lay Govenor

Lutfey Siddiqi

Lay Govenor

Elizabeth Vallance

Lay Govenor

Sonia Exley

Academic Board Nominee

Thomas Reader

Academic Board Nominee

Schedule of Meetings

  • Monday 2nd November 2017 in 32L.1.05