Sciences Po, Paris

LSE and Sciences Po were both established in the late 19th Century around similar models. With a common focus on teaching and research in the Social Sciences, both institutions aim to contribute to the improvement of society by promoting the impartial study of its problems and the training of those who translate policy into action. Collaboration between LSE and Sciences Po has developed and intensified over the past 15 years and includes teaching, research and networking activities.


LSE-Sciences Po Undergraduate Exchange

LSE and Sciences Po launched an Undergraduate Exchange Scheme that started in the 2011-12 academic year.  This student mobility scheme enables up to 10 undergraduate students from each institution to study at the other for one academic year thus enhancing their study experience and potential career prospects.

For LSE students the year at Sciences Po is in addition to the requirements of their LSE award.  For further information please click here.

Double or Dual Degree Masters Programmes

The Double Degree in Affaires Internationales and International Relations or International Political Economy was launched in 2004/05. Students spend Year 1 studying the Master Affaires Internationales  at Sciences Po in Paris and Year 2 studying one of two MSc programmes (International Relations or International Political Economy) at LSE's Department of International Relations in London.

The Double Degree in Urban Policy was launched in 2005/6. Students spend Year 1 studying the Master en Stratégies Territoriales et Urbaines at Sciences Po in Paris and Year 2 studying one of three MSc programmes (Local Economic Development; Urbanisation and Development; or Regional and Urban Planning Studies) at LSE's Department of Geography and Environment in London.

The Double Degree in European Studies was launched in 2007/08. Students spend Year 1 at Sciences Po in Paris and Year 2 studying one of three MSc programmes (European Studies: Ideas and Identities; European Political Economy; or Politics and Government in the European Union) at LSE's European Institute in London.

The Dual Masters in Public Administration (MPA) with Sciences Po was launched in 2004/05. Students follow Year 1 of the MPA programme at LSE in London and Year 2 of the Masters in Public Affairs at Sciences Po in Paris.

PhD Student Exchange

LSE has established PhD Student Exchange programmes with a small number of institutions around the world including Sciences Po. These exchanges offer our research students a wonderful opportunity to visit another institution, to benefit from additional research resources (archival and advisory) and to experience the academic culture and professional networks of another country. Successful applicants may also work on related publications/presentations, or attend conferences and workshops both at the host institution and within the wider national academic community. 

Follow this link to see how and when to apply and the detailed requirements.

LSE-Sciences Po Faculty Mobility Scheme

Communicating_Impact_5290_800x600_4-3_sRGBeLSE and Sciences Po are delighted to continue their long-term academic collaboration through an annual faculty mobility scheme. For the last seven years faculty have been able to spend at least one month in a host department (or unit) at the other institution in order to: engage with students through a meaningful teaching commitment that meets a need in the host department; foster networks between colleagues at their home and host departments (or institutions); and serve wider departmental and/or institutional interests where possible.

To maximise flexibility, the scheme has been designed with the following two modes:

  • Mode A: Shorter visits of 1 month, whereby visiting faculty will deliver at least 8 hours of teaching (or a short course) and spend at least 4 hours with PhD students;
  • Mode B: Longer visits of 3 months, whereby visiting faculty will deliver at least 20 hours of teaching, spend at least 10 hours with PhD students and deliver a departmental or public lecture.

LSE and Sciences Po will each fund one Mode A and one Mode B visit during the September 2019 to June 2020 period. Successful applicants will continue to receive their normal salary plus a travel grant from their home institution, as well as a subsistence allowance or salary from the host institution. 

The deadline for applications is Sunday 12th May 2019

For more information about this scheme, visit this webpage and to apply check the guidance notes for 2019-2020



Historically, faculty from LSE and Sciences Po have presented their work in London and Paris. Watch for instance Bruno Latour's talk on 'War and Peace in Time of Ecological Conflicts' which was recorded in February 2014.